05.28.2010 07:05 AM

Important question

Youngest son, just now: “Daddy, have you asked Dalton McGuinty if I can be home-schooled, yet?”


  1. e says:

    tell him ‘yes’ and Mr. McGuinty said he does not qualify; you have to have a job, be on sports teams, and have an A average… best to get a paper route and get a tutor first. Getting into home schooling is just too much work.

  2. Jim says:

    I’m becoming increasingly disillusioned with the public school system. Since February, our school has been having multiple “lock downs” per week – sometimes two or three in a single day – because of violent “meltdowns” from some of the special needs children who attend the school. In the past, the staff were able to restrain an out-of-control child and even place them in a cooling off room. Apparently, the school board has decided that this is an antiquated way of dealing with such students and changed the policy. Now, the entire school gets lock downed until the child calms down (for safety reasons, as these children could potentially assault a random kid in the hallway). Classrooms are locked, kids can’t use the bathroom, if they are in gym (or library, or outside) they have to remain there regardless of the class ending, sometimes as long as an hour. There have even been some lunch hours in which the children weren’t allowed to get their lunch bags (and those supposed to walk home kept in) because of a “lock down”.

    So, several hundred kids are locked up and have their school day disrupted – many times per week – because the board has decided that staff shouldn’t restrain violent children. Of course, removing said kids from the school (even after one was taken away by the police!) can’t even be considered. ;S

    Anyway, sorry if this is a bit off-topic. Warren’s post just made me want to vent a bit.

  3. Aurelia says:

    Tell him no, instead, he can join Dad for “Take your Kid to work day” and you can homeschool him at the next campaign office. heehee

  4. sj says:

    My son started his first sex ed unit this week and asked to be home schooled so that he doesn’t have to sit through that ‘gross stuff’ any more.

  5. allegra fortissima says:

    YOUR weak point will be your constant need for approval – but I am sure your youngster will appreciate your efforts and will say “Thanks Dad =)” at the end of the day!


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