05.20.2010 02:45 PM

Indeed you are


  1. Michael Watkins says:

    And you too can get the T-Shirt.

    Maybe a skunk works campaign aimed at Canadian oil and gas exploration companies, as well as pipeline builders, operators and users, would be in order.

    To the federal Liberals credit, exploration on the B.C. coast has been blocked by a moratorium since 1972. I was too young to appreciate what David Anderson had a part in achieving then, but like many British Columbians, would later come to be thankful. Trudeau was convinced, and the ban put in place and has stood the test of time ever since.

    The B.C. Liberals have repeatedly tried to overturn this ban and they have a willing partner in Stephen “oil is not a dirty word” Harper, who no doubt would take some special additional pleasure in overturning a historic Trudeau decision.

    Few British Columbians of any political stripe support off shore exploration and, informed of the facts, few would support regular oil tanker traffic up our fiords and inside passages. Hopefully the BP incident has sealed the deal for another decade or more at the very least.

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