05.24.2010 01:22 PM

Interesting Tweet

I like it.

“@natnewswatch: Coalition soldiers Chretien and Broadbent reportedly holding talks… according to Chantal Hebert #cdnpoli”


  1. e says:

    you couldn’t ask for better soldiers to do the talking

  2. bigcitylib says:

    What are they talking about? The terms of their murder-suicide pact?

    • James Smith says:

      … if someone is killed standing next to a former NDP leader it’s not murder,
      it’s sewer-side.

  3. James Smith says:


    I think I’ll move back to Colorado for the next eight years or the rest of the present PM’s reign; whatever comes first.

  4. namesake says:

    Yes, I hope something comes of this. There’s no way I want the country (and myself, whose fledgling career as a policy researcher in the nonprofit sector ground to a halt after Chretien was ousted) to continue to suffer under a Harper Gov’t. And I agree we need a new leader — one that people can warm up to, and for a bold move, it’s high time that it be a woman. I suggest Martha Hall Findlay as a credible candidate.

  5. allegra fortissima says:

    legati legionis – they came, they saw, they conquered!

  6. JStanton says:

    If they should come to an agreement, what then? They are still short 31 votes, (assuming whipped caucuses).

    Without coming to terms with Mr. Duceppe, and through him, with Quebec, this becomes moot.

    Frankly, I see this as an enormous opportunity for the Bloc and for the “Coalition Opposition” to shift the so-called “separatist” discourse to one that finally resonates with the majority of Quebecers – a “Quebec-in-Canada” solution that dissatisfies Canada-haters and Quebec-haters equally, while allowing ordinary Canadians, within Quebec and the ROC, to put finally put their fears aside and be gracious to one-another.

    Perhaps Mr. Bouchard should be at the table for these exploratory discussions. On the surface, he is the obvious bridge to Mr. Duceppe.

    • e says:

      it only takes an agreement on the most winnable 40 conservative seats (and maybe another 10 questionable ones)… then harper is finished. He only gets 1/3 of the vote and no more than 1/5 the eligible vote, so we can put an end to his assualt on democracy by simply forming a 40-50 seat coalition for three years… after three years, then see what is needed

      • JStanton says:

        … please help me understand your point.

        The LPC/NDP seats total 114. The CON seats total 144. Therefore, 144 is the number to beat, in the House, to change governments without an election – correct?

        • James Bow says:

          They may not be talking about changing governments without an election (which would be unlikely at this point because we’re well past the Clark barrier), but cooperating during an election.

          • JStanton says:

            … well, I hope you are wrong. It’s like putting-out to buy a new car battery, when you can get a jump-start for free.

            This thing has been down-hyped so well by the Conservative PR machine, that going through an election process to get it done puts it at risk.

            First we need a non-confidence, to let the inevitable happen. Then we take the state, and govern accordingly. Meanwhile, Mr. Harper is savaged by his wing-nut constituency. As the right destroys itself, and Mr. Harper is promoted laterally to another PR role for Big Oil, Big Toxic Waste or Big Armageddon, we drop the writ, and Mr. MacKay is thrashed so completely that Ms. Campbell’s reputation is completely rehabilitated.

            And then the Liberal leader, having won the election, un-does all that crazy Stephen Harper Party stuff, and Canada moves forward, once again, as a shining beacon of light in the firmament.

  7. George Webb says:

    It was with some concern that I read of Warren’s confirmation that he will not operate the Liberal war room when the next election is called. Although I was originally pleased with the decision to retain Donolo my enthusiasm has waned for a variety of reasons.
    I really wonder how it was possible for the Party of St. Laurent, Pearson, Trudeau and Chretien to allow a respected International personality and Rhodes scholar to be transformed into a whipping boy for a disaffected UofT drop-out. Yes I know Harper has an Economics degree from UofC but consider the difference. Surely any traditional Liberal War Room prior to that of Mr. Martin, (the person I hold responsible for many of the Party?s current woes), could have developed a plan and campaign that could have turned public opinion against Harper, we all know most elections are won during the campaign. Surely we can mount a campaign that would give progressive federalists more seats that Steve the liar and get rid of Baird the bard of bombast and Pierre the Puke Pollieve. If we can’t we deserve to live in reform purgatory. I agree Nickleback sucks.

  8. Ted says:

    Chretien on Power Play today confirmed there are no talks. He and Broadbent met at an event after Broadbent had returned from England (after the election) and they did talk about coalitions, but they were not working out how to do it here.

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