05.28.2010 09:56 PM

Kid Kodak Kontroversy Kontinues

Meanwhile, characterizations of Marin’s “oppressive” workplace continued to flow into the Toronto Star, with 11 current and former employees calling to question his suitability for the watchdog job.

…a Star investigation found that three former employees and one current staffer say Marin and his trusted managers are petty tyrants with bizarre and strict rules on office etiquette. In letters to government officials and in two complaints to the Human Rights Tribunal, workers allege racial discrimination by the Ombudsman’s Office, which has denied discrimination against employees.

After the story appeared, the Star received calls from people identifying themselves as current or former employees, all requesting anonymity for fear of being fired or other reprisals. A former manager said he could not be identified due to terms of a separation agreement.

“There was an oppressive atmosphere,” said the former manager said, who said unwritten but understood rules discouraged employees from walking the hallway in front of Marin’s office, or placing personal effects on their desks.

Personally, I’m all for the NDP and the Conservatives endorsing this guy. He’ll have about as much credibility as John Gomery, by the time this thing is over.

Maybe less.


  1. JDot says:

    This guy is suspect..

  2. J. Coates says:

    We’ve all had to en dour petty tyrants on the job. Fortunately the Ombudsman’s office is a public agency.

  3. Derek Lipman says:

    What I found most nauseating was the “performance enhancement” purgatory. This sort of stuff will really turn people off…

  4. Dave Ross says:


    You have to admit the artical on Marin has Daisy I mean Kinsella written all over it! A page taken right out of The War Room.


  5. ben burd says:

    what’s he done to you Warren for you to put him on your shitlist?

  6. ben burd says:

    He’s better than average and effective, a bit of a hot-dog but them successful people usually are. But the vehemence of your posts give something away, it’s easy too say someone else should be doing the job but your way of doing it is very harsh and appears to be vengeful, so i think that there is more to this in Lib HQ and you’re in the middle of it by whipping up the opposition

    • Warren says:

      Really? How about this: I’ll give you the whole month of June to prove your allegations. If you don’t by then, you apologize. If you don’t apologize, I’ll sue.

      Do we have a deal?

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