05.06.2010 08:25 AM

SFH and Rebecca Ramone, tomorrow night at the Bovine Sex Club!

Also, Johnny Rotten, Bob Geldof and Bono are in town! Perhaps they will all drop by!  You wouldn’t want to miss that, would ya?

Poster by Bjorn, Inc.


  1. Richard says:

    Hey, I like yer new logo. Who’s the artiste?

  2. e says:

    your brother did spock’s ears. wow!

  3. James Smith says:


    (For your band)


  4. eattv says:

    I thought Johnny wasn’t exactly a fan of yours…

  5. Paul R. Martin says:

    Will Elvis be there? I came of musical age in the 50’s and 60’s.

  6. allegra fortissima says:

    I heard that the bassist and lead singer of the band is a really hot guy, with nicer ears than Mr. Spock!

  7. Iris Mclean says:

    Sure wish I could be there. It’s not often that you can see an all left-handed punk band with this much talent.
    Do you guys ever play in the Kingston/Brockville area? Sure wish The Grievous Angels would come this way too.

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