05.18.2010 07:18 AM

There was another political dinner last night, BTW…

…and the featured speaker was Little Timmy Hudak, the youngster who wants to gut human rights in Ontario.

The media, per usual, provide the best summary of last night’s shindig:

“Hudak’s speech was short on policy specifics.” (Toronto Star, May 18th, 2010)

“He attacked the 13 per cent harmonized sales tax that takes effect July 1, but pointedly refused to promise to repeal it.” (Toronto Star, May 18th 2010)

“With a nod to the populist rhetoric of the right-wing Tea Party movement in the United States, Hudak said a Tory government would “make Ontario freer.”” (Toronto Star, May 18th, 2010)

“Hudak . . . .suggested his administration would be open to slashing services in order to rein in spending.” (Toronto Star, May 18th 2010)

“Hudak wouldn’t be specific about which taxes he would cut.” (Canadian Press, May 17th, 2010)

“Hudak received polite applause when he talked about tax cuts, but the mainly business audience fell silent when he also vowed to end corporate welfare in Ontario.” (Canadian Press, May 17th, 2010)

“Hudak said a Conservative government would cut both spending and taxes.” (Canadian Press, May 17th 2010)


  1. Michael says:

    The last thing Ontario needs in another 1990’s Mike Harris style Nonsense Revolution.

  2. bigcitylib says:

    He’s got pretty quiet on the human rights thing since he was made PCPO leader.

  3. ashley macisaac says:

    In repsonse to M Guerney’s blog inNAtional Post thismorning —–
    I read your blog today-how fitting-once Michel was not Canadian eough- now hes too Canadian?Where have I ehard this before?Wasn’t Obama- not “Black enough”then to black?I am ashamed of many of the things political types stand for- including recently the refusal to expose expenses- however-I do not think that alothough a fisherman may know just as well if not better what Canadian’s want to happen in Afganistan ,then an expert of Afganistan who has written books- of which I do not even agree with in prinicpal-however I will not slight Ignatieff for trying to realign the press angle on his Canadianess.The media and The Conservatives have in many cases slanted stories to make Michael seem not Canadian enough- if fact when I first met Michael he told me he couldn’t believe how big Canada really is after the 2006 leadership race-which to me proved how little all of us really know aboutour own country ,its size its importance and its beauty.But i say to all this- I have spent alot of time away- in fact Amercans give me better press often and my greatest performances have been in NewYork of the years.To that Isay- maybe I to- Ashley Mac Isaac ,am not Canadian enough.
    Thank you

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