05.05.2010 09:01 AM

Twelve extremely unfortunate Mother’s Day photos

More here!


  1. allegra fortissima says:

    Did my son write this about me? Little brat…:)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Gee. I’m so glad I’m me. I’m not sure whether I’d vote for Hockey Mom, or Rocky Mountain High. The tiger looks as if he’s checking over his equipment before he slices them into salami.

  3. James Smith says:

    When I saw that yesterday I went to the link to the original site; one could spend hours having a good larff – no photos like that in our family album, no siree! But it got me thinking, where did the folks with the Website get the photos in the first place, – assets of closed photo studios? Seems to me that in the very near future, the facebook people, who own all those photos folks have added to Facebook will be publishing all kinds of funny, funny pics on websites. A more lucrative venture for these nice facebook people might be to offer the person in the funny foto the chance (for a nominal fee) NOT to have photos X Y or Z published.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Maybe people volunteered to send them in. It’s amazing how people can be totally oblivious of how weird they are. Some of them look as if they might have been done in order to be funny – but others look serious about it. Like the woman with the tiger. Tigers will apparently listen to adults, but view anything under 10 as prey, and edible. There are about 5000 tiger “pets” in Texas.

  5. Dave says:

    You have to check out http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com for more in the same vein.

  6. John says:

    “Crazy Mom” in the picture looks like Hazel O’Connor.

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