06.27.2010 06:00 AM

About a father and a son

Mine has been gone for more than six years – and, as I prayed for him last night with my youngest son, who was bursting with tales of his victory on the lacrosse field – I thought about what it was like before, and what it’s like now.  Now, everything is palpably sadder; there feels like there is less air to breathe, some days.  In the past year, in particular, I have picked the phone a dozen times to talk to him about what my family is going through, and then…I remembered.  Whatever is begotten.

A reader let me know that David Olive’s Dad has died.  Please send along your best wishes to David and his family, and make sure to hug your own Mom and Dad.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Tell me about it. In my case, I don’t nearly do as much shaving as I used to…sure, you go on but the void remains and will never really be filled by anyone or anything else. Sadly, just the straight goods.

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