06.22.2010 06:25 AM

Canada Israel Committee: MP is a “mouthy lesbian”

Davies’ own statement was wildly offensive and wrong.  The tweet by the CIC – which has seemingly become a de facto arm of the Conservative Party of Canada – is also offensive and wrong, and homophobic, to boot.  (They apologized, after getting caught by LGBT community.)

I suppose I shouldn’t be disappointed.


  1. MC says:

    Did the CIC actually write hat???!!!

    And I am a bit confused, isn’t Kathy Shaidle and the racist blogger 5 Feet of Fury one and the same. What is CIC doing with her in that picture?

  2. Joseph says:

    Brought to you by the star of SUN TV, Ezra Levant.

  3. Sandra says:

    What’s wrong with these people? Can they not separate their bigotry from and issue? The subject was Isreal, not sexual preference.


  4. A. says:

    I’m sure Martin Gladstone will get right on that. After all he is a leading gay activist, according to the Jewish Tribune so surely he will be as outspoken opposing homophobia in the CIC as he has been going after the Pride Parade.

  5. MC says:

    A, as outraged as I am with the CIC remark, I do see that they quickly apologized. At least they recognized their gross error.

    QuAIA continue merrily along ignorant of their hypocrisy.

  6. Gerry Calderwood says:

    Warren help me understand. I always thought the Canada Israel Committee is run by the Canadian Jewish Congress. Yet I always understood Mr. Farber who runs the jewish Congress to be a bit more sophisticated than what we see here. So what gives?

    • Warren says:

      Totally different organizations. CIC is run by someone named Shimon Fogel, I believe. CJC’s CEO is Bernie Farber, who is a very different person with a different mandate.

      Bernie, for example, who never tweet something that idiotic.

      • Gerry Calderwood says:

        Thank you Warren for the clarification. Its funny though, I have heard very little about this CIC and never heard of Mr. Fogel. For me and i suspect many others who follow these things the CJC is the Jewish community’s representative.

  7. Mike Baldwin says:

    One bigoted response generates another bigoted response. Can’t Canadians rise above this intolerance and bigotry? Most of us would find both anti-Semitism and homophobia repugnant! What ever happened to our national notion of tolerance and fair play? This type of abhorrent behaviour is something that would be expected from south of the 49th parallel, but not here! We need to return to our national ethic of “Peace, Order and Good Government,” rather than degenerate into a nation dominated by petty ignorant hatreds. Haven’t we seen enough of what bigotry does to nations and societies?

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