06.18.2010 07:28 PM

John is going to kill me for this

I was on John Tory’s Newstalk 1010 show tonight and, shortly thereafter,  a well-known local Tory (not Tory Tory, but a Tory who is a Tory – that is, not a Tory named Tory) asked me to post the banner below.  Link to the web site is here. (And, yes, I did the Who Is on it, too. Nada.)

It’s Summertime.  Lighten up. We can dream, can’t we?


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    James Smith says:

    Mr K, you are a master!
    I thought there was something up when Mr T said thanks but no thanks to the mayor’s job. Then on the TVO this past week Mr T was pressed about not running for mayor by that AGENDA host fella & answered “Never say never”.
    HMMM, fishy!
    Now that the race for the Mayor’s chain of Tea-Ho seems to be a race to the bottom your fella can be “drafted” after a pleasant summer out of the fray by a public desperate for an adult in the campaign.
    You sir are THE DUDE, and as the stranger says: “The Dude Abides!”

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    Abigail Thomas says:

    With the current cast of characters, my vote would be given to the one that I didn’t want the least. But if Tory reconsiders? He has my support, and my vote.

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    palmerston says:

    CustName: 1174288 Ontario Limited
    Address: 1501 Danforth Av
    City: Toronto
    StateProv: ON
    PostalCode: M4J-5C3
    Country: CA
    RegDate: 2009-10-22
    Updated: 2009-10-22


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      Warren says:

      That’s a recent registration…there’s an interesting mystery to be solved, methinks!

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        A_boo says:

        A quick search determined 1501 Danforth Ave is the home of Byte Media (see Google streetview). Byte Media was founded by Jay Jordon who happens to be the chief executive of Toronto IT firm Baldhead Systems Inc – the named registrant for johntoryformayor.com.

        This was further documented at http://thestar.blogs.com/thegoods/

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Careful Warren, pretty soon they’ll be labeling you “non-partisan”, instead of all those other adjectives we are more accustomed to hearing!

    Picture it — a Kinsella-inspired war room as a successful dress rehearsal for many more victories at other “levels”…

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