06.13.2010 05:29 PM


I first linked to PostSecret a few years ago, and it set off a huge response with the folks who come to this web site. It continues to be fascinating and sad and compelling.

I’m going to go black for a couple days – June 15 approaches – so best wishes to you and yours. Hug your parents.


  1. Riff says:

    The Liberal Party is at the very depths of its long, ongoing crisis!

    Yet, one need not despair. Canadians will eventually get their centre-left party. What shape or form this party will take is unknown.

    A Liberal Party in some form or another will survive because a significant number of Canadians will demand that their social, economic and political interests be represented within our Parliamentary system. How successful this new party will be will depend on the desire of Canadians to open their wallets, to volunteer to help the party out, the caliber of its candidates, and the quality of its leader.

    Have faith, the centre-left of the political spectrum will be renewed – it will be a difficult but not impossible challenge. Harper, too, despaired and almost gave up – Twice, that is, until he became PM in 2006 when Paul Martin’s gang self-destructed.

  2. Paul says:

    Warren, what should I be observing on June 15th? I feel like I’m missing something and ã bit of ã fool. What’s the importance of 06/15?

  3. Aurelia says:

    I’ll be thinking of you Warren as you remember your Dad. Take care.

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