07.19.2010 03:46 PM


“Kinsella will be more confused than usual, methinks.”

Saw it. I liked the fact that the producers assumed that I possessed the intelligence to understand a very complex plot.

Unfortunately, they were wrong in this assumption.


  1. Robbie says:

    Warren: Does life begin at Inception?

  2. James says:

    Very interesting interpretation of the movie, from another msg board:

    “Um, watch the film carefully. Every single scene is a dream. There’s a reality in the film, but we never directly see it– we have to infer it based on various clues we’re given throughout. Suffice it to say that Saito and his entire corporate caper are dreams, which is why they don’t make a lot of sense. They’re there to distract you (and Cobb). The real story is about a team sent by Cobb’s wife, who woke up from her dream, to wake Cobb up from his. It’s a brilliant mindfuck of a movie.”

  3. Don Carruthers says:

    On the mindf_ck thing, it sounds a lot like Shutter Island, Memento and The Game in that sense. A movie that is, in terms of plot, one giant mindf_ck. Not surprisingly, the director of Inception is the same guy who directed Memento.

  4. James Smith says:

    Is this some kinda metaphor for a convicted felon who is now free on bail?

  5. Brian says:


    So, basically, it’s like the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner, only with dreams instead of Replicants?

    I’m cool with that.

  6. Michael says:

    Warren, I have an explanation for the film. Here is the shortest version:

    The entire movie was a dream sequence in which a man, wrought with guilt over his wife’s death and suffering under the burden of feeling utterly incapable as a widower-father, seeks peace with his own emotions in order to pick up the pieces and finally begin to move on with his life.

    Proof coming shortly.

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