07.28.2010 06:36 AM

It would be way better spin, Team Furious George…

…if you knew how to spell stuff. I mean, it’s only 140 characters, right?

Perhaps they’re nervous about something.


  1. Paul R. Martin says:

    He must be using the same spel checker thet I allways use. Would Toronto vote TORY?

  2. WDM says:

    I use Twitter, and enjoy it. Great way to have a live version of a favourites list for various columnists/commentators/narcissistic celebs. That being said, if I were running a campaign, I wouldn’t let anyone working on it (and making their support public) anywhere near it.

  3. James Bow says:

    With the spelling mistake, you could argue that the Twitter is the unwitting truth. 🙂

  4. Doug CS says:

    I can’t imagine Toronto would…Isn’t Toronto a purely Liberal/NDP town? Not to mention the particularly bitter taste left in the mouth of Torontoians when they think of Conservatives and the G20. It’s too soon for people to forget his political stripe.

  5. Darryl Wolk is a Newmarket Conservative. Not sure that he’s working for Smitherman.

  6. James Smith says:

    I think I called Mr T. entering (re-entering?) this race some time ago in these very comment pages. I think at the time I also suggested that you, Mr K., are a genius if you put this strategy together. Mr S is likely to find this Tweet right on; well played sir, well played.

  7. Paul R. Martin says:

    Speaking of local municipal politics. It appears that the Mayor of Mississauga has a major conflict of interest problem. It is time for her to retire.

  8. While I appreciate a good Freudian spelling error — and this was a hilarious one — I’m not sure that the what the tweet was intended to say is all that wrong. A lot will depend on how many of the other candidates decide to throw in the towel if Tory enters the race. If Ford and Rossi both stay in, they’ll have no chance of winning, and most of their voters will move to Tory — but not all, and that might be enough to spoil Tory’s chances. Pantalone’s supporters are more of a question mark, given his different position on the ideological spectrum, but they’re probably more disparate in how they’d break. Some would stay home, some would go to Tory, but I suspect more would go to Smitherman.

    If it comes down to Tory and Smitherman (or Tory and any other one opponent), Tory wins. If it’s Tory and Smitherman plus anyone else, we get a very different story, and maybe a different outcome.

  9. allegra fortissima says:

    Someone spelled “sexuial” on this website a few days ago (July 27 at 8:33 am). Warren, was that you?!

    “sexuial” – I love it 🙂

  10. Derek Lipman says:

    Very interesting points in this thread from all parties.

    At the outset, it looks (improbably) like JT has some political life. But being endorsed by the egregious Mike Harris is nothing to write home about, especially in the City of Toronto which had first-hand experience with the Common Sense Revolution’s shock treatments and suffered deeply for it. In fact, one could argue quite convincingly that the downloading of provincial services helped destroy the city’s finances.

    Moreover, is there not something really cynical and craven about stating you won’t run, only to ponder entering when the other candidates have had false starts, stalls, and scandals? I’m no political fan of Team Ford, but if I were with them I would be furious if Tory ultimately decides to waltz in at the 11th hour.

    Now that John Tory has been released from the shackles of the neoconservative-run Ontario PC party, he may finally have a chance to carve out an enduring legacy as a political leader. The stakes, however, are high. If Tory runs and makes several gaffes, a defeat could really destroy his spirits, and he’d (unjustly**) be the butt of many jokes.

    *Unjustly, because anyone who cares enough about the political process and the future of the country, provinces, and cities deserves our respect.


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