07.28.2010 10:03 AM

Vox populi


And read this.


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    RG says:

    Tory is, once again, angling to be “invited” to run. Fact is, for a “backroom boy,” he is a poor at backroom politics. Thankfully, for him, this is offset by his backroom connections. Make no mistake – Tory is connected. But, he’s not a frontman political “Big L” Leader. He may be a show horse, but he’s not a leader. I think he confuses the two. He doesn’t have what it takes but his ego will not let him admit it.

    Let’s see: he masterminded the Funny Face Chretien ads for Kim Campbell. Then, he pulled them, admitting defeat, her campaign collapsed and the PCs ended up worse off than they would have if the ads stayed on the air. She still would have lost –Canadians were done with the Mulroney years– but the defeat may have been more respectable.

    Tory went on to lose the Mayor of Toronto slot to David Miller. Did he learn anything from this? Don’t think so. But, it was a respectable loss.

    When that didn’t work, he became leader of the Ontario PC party. An admirable comeback and the Premier’s office should have been his if he played a good game and waited it out during the McGuinty years. I think the party made a good choice about the type of political leanings they needed in a leader at that time, but Tory just didn’t click because he’s, well, politically inept.

    As Ontario PC leader, he jumped from an extremely safe seat, during a very important election for his party, to Don Valley West against a very popular and tough Minister, Kathleen Wynne. He was clobbered. I was not involved in either campaign but live in the riding. The Liberals never stopped knocking on the door through the election. The PCs? Not once. Sheesh! I would say, “The best laid plans…” if I could deduce there was a plan in place to begin with. He did, however, pander to the Jewish community by having his door knockers at meetings wear “John Tory is a Mensch” t-shirts during the campaign. Pathetic and insulting. He had enough to worry about running a provincial campaign than to saddle himself with a risky seat in an effort to see the PCs “break in” to Toronto. Silly.

    As leader of the Ontario PCs, he repeated the same mistake in the provincial election by promising public funding for religious schools. I’m convinced this was just engineered to win Don Valley West, where this is a large Jewish population and the largest Muslim population in Canada in Thorcliffe Park (great community!! Visit Bamiyan Kebab (Afghani restaurant) and Iqbal’s grocery). I don’t think the PCs anticipated it would become THE central provincial election issue; they should have seen this coming. He then… wait for it… pulled the promise prior to the election, admitting defeat, and, guess what, his campaign collaped. Sound familiar?

    When he was re-elected as Leader of the Ontario PC party with a fair margin (a tad over 65%), he sucked in his room for hours hoping for a groundswell of support to invite him back as king. It didn’t occur and angered many in the party, in the process. What was he thinking?

    He then convinced a good soldier to give up her safe seat in Peterborough so he could actually sit in the House as opposition leader (novel idea) and… you guessed it… lost, as many predicted would occur. The right of his party certainly took advantage of that misstep by throwing their support to the Liberal candidate.

    Now, Tory is angling to run against Smitherman as the media baits him in to joining the race. He wants a groundswell of support to invite him to run. Sound familiar?

    John Tory is a tired dog that does not learn from his mistakes and cannot learn a new trick. I admire his ambition but not his political competence. He just does not have what it takes. With so many failings as a politician and backroom boy and so few successes, why should anyone trust him to be able to carry out the very tough role of Mayor of Toronto?

    (Note: I am not affiliated or involved in any mayoral race campaign.)

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    Carl says:

    “(Note: I am not affiliated or involved in any mayoral race campaign.)”

    good to know RG because that whiplash of a reply sounds like the would only help one candidate…..Tory.

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    allegra fortissima says:


    LOL – forse parlera Italiano con il Signor Rossi???

    Regarding the French language: you’ll better have Le Grand Robert handy, Warren:)

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    ed_finnerty says:

    His toronto city summit alliance is calling for road tolls. once he has to wear this position he should be finished

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