08.07.2010 03:06 PM

Classy statement by the P.M.

Statement Date: August 7, 2010

For immediate release


Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement regarding former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien who recently underwent brain surgery in Montreal:

“Laureen and I send former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien our best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Along with his wife Aline, Mr. Chrétien and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.

“Mr. Chrétien, I am sure, will emerge as he always has from every challenge, by winning.”

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  1. Paul R. Martin says:

    Unlike some commentators, Warren knows that Prime Minister Harper is quite capable of expressing human warmth. Very classy of you Warren.

  2. WesternGrit says:

    Agreed, WK. Agreed.

  3. The Other Jim says:

    Wow. Just…


  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I commend all those who can feel for the pain or misfortune of another. It’s part of being human, even on the Hill.

  5. Derek Lipman says:

    They are all players in the same game, and realize that there are things in life that transcend the petty politics of Ottawa. Of course, we are at a stage in Canada’s democratic experiment that opposite poles can, at times, come together. Moreover, the two parties share the same neoliberal, outward looking vision.

  6. Rick T. says:

    Politics is a dirty game at times, so it is very refreshing to see most of the comments in favour of the PM’s remarks about former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

  7. Carl says:

    Your blog is always a refreshing mix of commentary WK. Some intelligent, some not but at least your not hen-pecking the hell out of the silly comments and instead allowing your contributors to challenge the twits themselves. A far FAR cry to blogs that nag and don’t welcome criticism when it’s due. That’s why I keep visiting here when I can.

    Wonderful that Mr. Chretien’s doing better and that the PM seems to rise to the occasion when he needs to. I believe his sentiments.

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