08.09.2010 08:38 AM

Off the grid

Up at the cabin with three sons, one daughter, one Mom, and two labs. Barring any events of significant significance, this space will be off the grid for a while.

Have a safe and happy week.


  1. Scott Tribe says:

    When I first saw that title, I thought you were maybe doing a post explaining how you installed solar panels and were no longer paying bills to Ontario Hydro.

  2. bigcitylib says:

    If you’ve got a clear night, stay up and watch the Perseids. Supposed to be good this year.

  3. All have a very nice Holiday and do not forget your prayers and say one for me.

  4. Manuel Le Bure says:

    Haven’t you been off the grid for months now?

  5. Derek Lipman says:

    Have a good one, man. We’ll keep you abreast of the Ford Bros. travelling circus here.

  6. LibVin says:

    Remember to bring a first aid kit.

  7. Sean says:

    are we allowed to talk about politics when Warren is at the cabin? Specifically, what the heck has happened at bourque.com?! the guy has totally switched sides… there is a great news story there for sure…

  8. Jamie says:

    2 labs eh? I have 2 yellows. Buster and Gracie, Buster is 5 months old though! have fun fetching them in the water!

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