09.08.2010 08:08 AM

George not his brother’s keeper

…and nor did he keep his brother, it seems.


  1. DAVID says:

    And while the former deputy premier earned the nickname “Furious George” from his battles with the opposition at Queen’s Park, Arthur Smitherman said he doesn’t have any monikers============how about”THE MOLE”?

    • Steve Paikin: “So tell me, George Smitherman, can you state one good quality about your brother?”

      George Smitherman: “He reminds me of Rob Ford. I don’t know if that’s good or not, but that’s my response.”

  2. Martin says:

    While this article is a bit petty – overall it is not looking like a great start to the Post Summer portion of the campaign for George!!

  3. james curran says:

    Oh Brother. Like this guy Arthur even has a chance at a seat at the table. I’m certain he won’t mind riding on the back of his brother’s skirt tails though, will he? No. I bet not.

  4. Scott says:

    George can’t even get along with this brother. We need a Mayor who can work with others. It’s not Smitherman.

  5. Scott says:

    Can John Tory still run???? Please say yes.

  6. James Curran says:

    The 10th is the last day to file. And, if Tory was running, Warren would not be with Rocco. Maybe Miller will file.

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