09.04.2010 08:08 AM

Hurricane Earl hits!

I’m at our place by the beach in Maine as I write this.

If Hurricane Earl has devastated the coast, as the media said Earl would, someone should tell this guy who is swimming in the tsunami-sized waves.

Also, the family who brought their kids down in that wagon. They look terrified, too.

The horror, the horror.


  1. Namesake says:

    ah, Maine Street versus Bay Street; you’ve been to both, now, so: which one really blows?

  2. SaltAir says:

    Warren, sure it is good calm weather the system is many miles away from you. Sure this one missed but it’s a crap shoot. Always has been and always will be. I agree the media is after the “story”.
    Always has been always will be. It is possible to find information to make informed decisions as to where one will go. It is difficult and requires hour by hour tracking. As little a difference as across the GTA can make it a hit or miss.

    Having weathered a class 4-5 hurricane tends to make one respect what they can be.


    BTW waiting for this one to clear Cape Breton.

  3. James Bow says:

    Looks like this thing is doing some damage to Nove Scotia, further east, but I know what Warren means. Sometimes the coverage on CNN makes me wonder if they’re cheering for the hurricane…

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