09.22.2010 10:54 PM

Register it

Takes about a minute to do so, here. (I did it.)  Get your PAL or POL, in a few minutes, here (did that, too).  These folks will be grateful.

Okay?   Can we all talk about something else, now?  Thanks.

Good night.


  1. Sean says:

    I live in a supposedly rural riding… Virtually no one gives a damn on either side of the issue. Most over blown issue I’ve ever seen.

    • Anonymously Posted says:

      Yes, but Harper only needs a few hundred cranks in each of these ridings to swing his way to give him a few extra seats.

  2. Tim says:

    crooked head

  3. smelter rat says:

    But Warren, now Chretien and Rock will be by shortly to confiscate your guns!!

  4. Jim says:

    Definitely a moving story, a personal tragedy. Unfortunately i fail to see how the Long Gun Registry could have prevented this. If his family or anyone else had realized the man was depressed they could have taken steps. If no one knew, then the registry does nothing.

  5. Namesake says:

    re: “Can we all talk about something else, now”: well, most of us would like to, and didn’t want to, in the first place, but they’re not going to let us — they’re acting like this is the draft, or something, as though asking people to fill out an extra form is like demanding that they send _their_ children off in the line of fire, and they’re vowing to single out and punish MPs who dared defy them on this.

    e.g, http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Analysis+Harper+takes+tactical+advantage+scuttle+registry+fails/3564867/story.html

    So it’s going to be a long, dirty campaign of the battle of the broken promises, and who’s really got the best interests of Canadians at heart.

    The irrationality around this issue — and the bitter, indignant refusal to settle on anything short of abolishing the registry — is astounding. Ye gods, I had to register my _bicycle_ in my city when I was growing up (presumably to help the police ID victims and track and return stolen property): we grumbled that it seemed a little ridiculous, but it was hardly cause for a Tea Party rebellion! The more I hear them, the more I worry about these people, now, both the pols and the constituency they represent.

  6. Ted H. says:

    That’s right, register it. It’s not an electric drill, guitar, set of golf clubs or fishing rod, it’s a gun and it’s purpose is to kill things. It has a totally different status than any other recreational toy, tool or device. People other than police officers, subsistence hunters and farmers dealing with pests or predators don’t actually need to have guns. Ownership is a priviledge not a right and society as a whole deserves to know who has a gun. Like the military, we need to know capability not intent because intent can change. Most illegal guns start out as legal guns and the principle of gun control is to minimize the chances of that happening not to stifle legitimate ownership. No one is saying you can’t have guns simply that if you choose to own a lethal instrument society has a right to know that fact.

  7. David says:

    ” Register it”

    Simple enough I suppose.

    But they are not. And they are not going to.They are not going to register them by the millions. There is nothing the gov’t can do about it and the MP’s know it.

    I am not an owner.

  8. JH says:

    With the greatest respect folks ( I think lawyers use that sometimes too) – there are millions of us out here in rural & small town Canada who do not agree with you. There’s a fair number in urban Canada as well. You can insult us and our beliefs (as many of you do – see above) but do you think that is going to change any minds? I think not.
    Believe me when I say that this gun registry issue, CBC funding and subsidization by the taxpayer of political parties ($1.95 per vote) all rankle many of us ordinary folks. Disregard us or mock us if you will, you do so at your own peril. We are still citizens and we still have a vote and will go to the polls – unlike many who support your positions but do bother.

  9. Andrew says:

    Good links, Mr. Kinsella. It is quite easy to register a long gun. When you present that to opponents of the LGR they usually take four lines of defense:
    1) The LGR never saved anyone’s life! How do LGR opponents know this? Perhaps they have some mystical ability to determine this. Only shootings are reported. Shootings that were avoided are not.
    2) The latte sipping elites will confiscate my guns! This is a red herring. I know a few people who would like to see a total ban on firearms. They are rare. Enough people see the utility of rifles and shotguns so a total ban will never come. Should you be able to posses automatic weapons? I think the majority of Canadians look south of the border and think not. Should we compensate gun owers if “we” change the rules on gun ownership? Yes. By the way, real hunters use a break action shotgun… very elegant.
    3) The LGR costs too much. How much is a life worth? I know my friends and family are priceless.
    4) I’m basically too lazy to do the paperwork! Honesty for a change.

    Let’s focus on what is important. The LGR is not high on my list.

    • MikeinAppalachia says:

      When you travel south of the Canadian border, until you reach Mexico, few if anyone has an automatic weapon. Is that the border you are looking at?
      While they may be “elegant”, break action shotguns are fairly worthless vs moose, elk, caribou, coyotes, wolves, bear, etc.

  10. sj says:

    I would love to see polling data on the gender split on this issue. I grew up in a rural farming community and I believe that for every rural man who is crazed about gun control, there is a rural woman who in general supports gun control. There is nothing that has done more to improve safety in rural Canada than the gun control measures that have been brought in during the last 20 years. It is a sad (and bleak) reality that the suicide rates among young rural males are many times the national average and most attempts involve fire arms. It was also the reality, not so long ago, that rural domestic violence incidents used to very often involve fire arms. That thankfully has started to change now that you can’t drive around with a rifle in your half ton. Rural mothers know these things and many quietly support gun control because of it.

    • Namesake says:

      The latest Harris-Decima tel. poll gathered b/w Sept 16-19/’10 says, “There remains a significant divide across gender lines, with men (43%) being more likely than women (34%) to support scrapping the registry.”

      Q: Currently, there is a bill before Parliament that if passed would abolish the federal long-gun registry. Based on what you have read, seen or heard, would you say abolishing the long-gun registry is a good idea or a bad idea?

      The results — which wisely / more honestly leave out the undecided —

      Good idea: Men 43%, W 34; Bad idea: Men 46%, W 50;

      Q: Which of the following four views is closest to your own:

      The gun registry…
      …does some good and should be kept: Men 50, W 54%

      …does some good, but should NOT be kept anyways: Men 9, W 9

      …does not do any good, but should be kept: Men 7, W 5% (guess men hate to throw _any_thing out! might use it some day!)

      …does not do any good at all and should not be kept: Men 27, W 21


      detailed charts:

      • another Greg says:

        I will give Namesake some benefit of doubt; however…

        The fact that too many men are willing to type, “Men” and “W”, and the like, explains much of the “significant divide across gender lines” on this issue.

        Harris-Decima does not say “W”.

        • Namesake says:

          – “W” clearly distinguishes Wo- from Men (being, er, typologically devoid of the latter); and,
          – I thought it’d be ok since it’s obviously well enough within the PC divide to be used by the “Canadian specialty channel featuring information and entertainment programming for, by and about women. Formerly known as Women’s Television Network,” * and,
          – for you all you know I _am_ a female.

          But tell you what:

          next time _you_ look up and type out all such information requests yourself in full if you’re so scrupulous about slighting people with the use of abbreviations, er, Gregory.

          * http://www.wnetwork.com/Home.aspx

  11. Tengu says:

    Registration = eventual confiscation.

    That is why a lot of people aren’t cooperating with the Registry, and that’s why the Registry will never work.

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