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Sandra Bussin Watch

Part of a continuing series:

Ms. Bussin has come under fire this term for using tax dollars to sue a constituent, for calling John Tory a “three-time loser” on his radio show without identifying herself and for supporting a sole-sourced, 20-year contract for the Boardwalk Pub.

When she tried to defend Tuggs Inc., owner of the pub, as a “star operator,” the audience yelled “Baloney!” and “Sit down! Sit down!”

Her opponents also tore into her for voting against city staff’s advice to put operation of the pub out to competitive tender back in 2006.

Sandra Bussin is one of the worst elected represntatives I have ever encountered.  Ever.

If you live in the Beach, as I do, the two candidates who most deserve your vote are Martin Gladstone or Mary-Margaret McMahon.



  1. VH says:

    C’mon Warren, you’re encouraging splitting the anti-bussin vote. We all need to rally behind someone en masse. Who’s it gonna be?

  2. Paul R. Martin says:

    When I lived in the Upper Beach, Sandra Bussin was my School Trustee. I voted for her then. When she defeated incumbent Steve Ellis for City Council, she was clearly the superior candidate. The subsequent legal problems and conviction of Ellis showed his character flaws.

    Subsequently, Bussin seems to have let power go to her head. If I still lived in the Upper Beach, I would be voting against her. It is unfortunate that a lot of people are running against her and she might survive a split vote.

    Even if she survives the election, her influence will be severely diminished as her NDP power base on Council is about to be shattered. A lot of Dippers on Council are not running this year and will likely be replaced by individuals who oppose the goings on in the last NDP controlled council. Other Dippers will likely be turfed due to voter anger.

  3. A. says:

    I don’t know Warren, even the Toronto Sun has been backing off the Tuggs allegations and they were beating the drum the loudest. And Gladstone was pretty seriously humiliated at the press conference he tried to hold outside of the establishment – at least if the accounts in the press are anything to go by.

    • George says:

      At A.

      Martin Gladstone had the “smarts” to pull the Tuggs lease under the FOI and analyze it — something that counsellors or any of the other candidates in the Ward — or any one else — failed to do.

      Re: the press conference, Gladstone would not get “sucked in” to false premises initiated by Foulitis — he held his ground and stuck the issue — I would hardly call it being humiliated. He brought the issue back into the news.

  4. DL says:

    I often see people refer to the current council as “NDP controlled” – but by my count at most about 9 or 10 out of the current 44 member council are people with any NDP pedigree at all – the remaining 34 or so are all people with impeccable Liberal or Conservative credentials.

  5. Voller says:

    With the news of that rather detestable Kristin Wong Tam and the possibility of her being elected in Kyle Rae’s old ward, it would be good to Have Martin Gladstone in Council to keep her in line

  6. T.McGuire says:

    I am stunned at Warren supporting either of these two candidates in Ward 32. Were you even at the recent debate? I was theere and Gladstone is a 2nd rate orator with nothing to say.

    Gladstone is a late comer to the Tuggs issue and is riding on the back of candidate Bruce Baker who has led the fight against the Tuggs deal and is actually being sued for it. As for Mary Margaret I would have to say that if you want someone to the left of Sandra Bussin then vote for her.

    • George says:

      To T. McGuire

      I disagree with you, Gladstone has quite a bit to say — and can back up his statements with sold business and legal sense. Gladstone approaches all issues in a well-thought-out manner — he does not waste his words — he is a man of action — He engages people and listens to them.

      I agree with you re: Mary Margaret — she is very left — and she has knocked on every door in the ward — but she is not engaging. I’ve heard others say this as well — this says a lot. She is a lovely person, so it seems — the type of person you would want for a neighbour — but not at city hall — but she can be bold and rather terse — as was evidenced at the debate.

      Gladstone is still the better candidate.

  7. T.McGuire says:

    Thanks for the reply George but after watching Martin Gladstones feeble attempt confronting the Boardwalk pub owner in the video I would have to say that he is also not City Hall material. The one candidate that fought the issue from the beginning was Bruce Baker and he deserves the credit for keeping the issue in the media. To me Gladstone is just another left of centre activist with an agenda that does not include all of the people of ward 32.

  8. Neil Sellon says:

    Look, we want to defeat Bussin, so who do we as a group back to do it?

  9. T.McGuire says:


    From what I have seen so far, Baker is the one to give Bussin a run for her money. I just hope she is not returned by a split vote.

    “Long considered an ally of Mayor David Miller, four-term councillor Sandra Bussin is again seeking re-election. She has had a rocky few years, and has been involved in several controversies during her most recent term in office. Most prominent among her challengers are Bruce Baker (who was at one time an assistant to Scarborough councillor Ron Moeser” – Toronto Election News

  10. IC says:

    I agree that Bussin is one of the worst elected representatives ever representing the electorate at any level.

    Martin Gladstone I believe is the right candidate for 32 and should be negotiating with the other hopefuls to stand behind him to ensure Bussin does not get anywhere near City Hall.

    My real fear – and that of many others – is that with so many candidates the split vote will see her back – and that would be a travesty.

    What can we do to mobilize against her?

  11. T.McGuire says:

    Sorry IC, but Mr Baker has been involved in ward 32 for a long time and has put his balls into ward 32. Marty is a come lately and is an obvious oppotrtunist. All you need to do is gooigle Bruce Baker and you will see that he was involved in the issues way before Marty. We do not need another lawyer as a politician. Marty should be backing Bruce Baker.

    Do not split the vote in the Beaches. If we truly want change in ward 32 vote for Bruce Baker who has been Sandra’s true nemises.

  12. IC says:

    Yep, I hear you T.McG. So, what about the dirt Bussin has been spreading about Bruce and a certain Thomas Jakobek or is that Tommy Morrish, can never get it straight. It’s probably a rear guard action to take the heat off her own pathetic record and putting the frighteners on the BIAs and so forth – but still.

    Is Bussin a lawyer? I thought one of the two men in her life – the erstwhile commodore and part-time hubby was the holder of a pristine LLB….

    Has Bruce approached the others with a view to attempting to consolidate the vote? And has anyone seen polling numbers so a strategic vote could be rolled out to stop this woman?

  13. T.McGuire says:

    IC, I think you are correct. I was at the debate and Bussin was purposely attacking Baker and trying to connect him to JakobeK. From what I hear they did work on a project together but in the end Baker had to sue to get his payment.

    I am not sure what he has done in his campaign regarding the other candidates but I did talk with him on Queen while he was handing out literature and he appears to know what he is talking about on the issues and has put it on the line regarding Tugg’s and other ward issues.

  14. IC says:

    And another disgraceful day on how far Bussin will go to make sure she gets back in …her botox-esque face-filled election posters are going up everywhere – trying to eclipse everyone else – and I am reliably informed that many of them are put on property without the owner’s or occupant’s permission.
    Does Bussin think she can sail above the law and do what she she likes? Sounds to me she’s Tugging (pun intended) at straws…

    We have to stop this woman. Presto pronto. Another 1456 days in City Hall is a sickening thought. And by the way, what is a nice community lawyer like Geoff Dashwood thinking putting a massive poster of Bussin in his office window??

  15. IC says:

    And breaking news – official complaints being made to elections officials on the devil incarnate’s posters being whacked up here, there and everywhere without permission, along with her little snippets to those who move and shake…..visibily support me or life will be made harder post Oct-25th.

    Such an upstanding public servant the Commodore’s part-time wife. Not.

    Ick. Time Canadians in Ward 32 started to be LESS polite on what they really think.

  16. T.McGuire says:

    I have also heard that her workers use intimidation against businesses that put other candidates signs in their windows.

  17. IC says:

    Yep – common knowledge TMcG – but the businesses are like deers caught in the headlights – they just have no clue how to react. Then again, if intimidation = threat perceived or real, is this something a Criminal Code prod might cause her Throneship some acid reflux? Not grasping at gravol just yet – but something needs a doing or the bunnysuit will be back her burrow for another term.

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