09.16.2010 02:52 PM

That John Baird?

The one who was simply everywhere during the Toronto International Film Festival last weekend, including at all the kick-off parties, schmoozing with aplomb, and who supped with Mike Harris at a swank TeeDot eatery, and partied the night away with the beautiful and the boldface?  That John Baird?

Naw. Couldn’t be.


  1. Anonymously Posted says:

    ” .. partied the night away with the beautiful”

    Ahem. Women?

  2. Steven says:

    Typical Tory hypocrisy.

    P.S. I guess the Doug Finley fundraising letter to the knuckle dragging, mouth-breather base is sure to follow.

    • Love to see comments like this from Mr. Harper’s opponents.It really shows just how ignorant some of them are.
      I support ther Conservative party and could be considerd part of their “base”.
      I have a college education.I worked in middle management for over 25 years.I have raised a family while paying my bills and taxes.
      A knuckle dragging,mouth breather would seem to more aptly describe you and your assinine comments.

      • Ted H. says:

        I respect Tim’s viewpoint but personally I cannot understand how anyone who works for a living, has any compassion for his fellow man, has a genuine concern for Canada’s economic health or place in the world, has any respect for the institutions of our country, and has any respect for the truth could even consider supporting or voting for the Conservatives. No, the NDP and the Liberals are not perfect, nor were the Progressive Conservatives but the current iteration of the Conservative Party of Canada beats them all for mendacity.

      • Steven says:


        As a tax-paying (more than you I presume, based on your job description), law-abiding and upholding, educated, father of children, I would like to make it harder for antisocial dead-enders, violent malcontents and domestic abusers to get their hands on rifles, and as a result, for example, shoot dead 4 Mounties in an ambush…..

        Nothing to do with Toronto or Edmonton. Just ask the Chiefs of Police across Canada.

        Please convey my regards to Mr. (Firewalls around Alberta) Harper and your Wild Rose / Tea Party wannabe friends.

        P.S. Maybe you should also consider getting a refund from the College that educated you.

        • paulsstuff says:

          “I would like to make it harder for antisocial dead-enders, violent malcontents and domestic abusers to get their hands on rifles, and as a result, for example, shoot dead 4 Mounties in an ambush…..”

          That’s the problem with the registry. Those rifles can still be in possession of those you mentioned. “Also found were a .308 calibre Heckler & Koch 91 semi-automatic rifle, and a .300 Magnum scoped rifle which had been reported missing by Shawn Hennessey’s grandfather, and a 9 mm Beretta. The .308 and the 9 mm were not registered.”

          Maybe locking up chronic offenders might have prevented this tragedy. Saw on CBC a few days ago a report that chronic sexual offenders routinely recieve sentences of 6 months or less, and quickly reoffend. As for Roszko, he had a string of convictions over a thirty year period.

  3. Paul R. Martin says:

    Yep! That John Baird. He was obviously doing a little bit of research before he made his speach.

  4. Pedro says:

    so…those who are able to get to the TIFF are elites or not?
    Mr. Baird was obviously speaking only about those who would attend the TIFF.
    anonymous! you would sully the musings website with such a comment?
    Steven, I breathe through my lungs and give through my taxes, thank you very much.

  5. briguyhfx says:

    To be fair, Baird was at TIFF to schmooze with Hollywood elites. They mistook him for an angry rottweiler and wouldn’t go within six feet of him, so he had to settle for Toronto elites. I would feel bad for him if he didn’t have a bit of Gerard Kennedy’s haunch hanging from his chin. Crazy rottweiler.

  6. Cam says:

    We’ve already got the NRA’s attention.

    Can a ‘Tea Party North’ be far behind?

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