09.16.2010 03:09 PM

The campaign’s going great! All these old Tories are supporting me!

Pull quotes from the latest Furious profile:

Actually, just read the whole article.  You almost feel sorry for him.


FUN BUT HIGHLY REVEALING UPDATE: George tweets about going to a debate today. Which, um, er, is tomorrow.


  1. Paul R. Martin says:

    I did not look at the complete list of former Conservatives who were supporting him, but I did not see any big names that would impress me. Now if David Crombie, Hal Jackman or Barbara MacDougal were on the list, I would stifle my yawn and, take notice.

  2. Leon says:

    The only old Tory on that list I recognize is Isabel Bassett. And the only reason I remember her, for I don’t normally remember one-term elected officials, is because she was married to the late John Bassett and is mega rich.

  3. James Bow says:

    Hmm! Did you see the online poll in the sidebar? It’s not scientific, by any means, but it shows Rossi in third, ahead of Smitherman, and very close behind Rob Ford.

  4. James Curran says:

    Hey, it’s you’re blog, but you left out these quotes from the old Tories (Bassett’s a Tory Torie)

    We’re conservatives,” says the letter, sent at about 4 p.m. Wednesday. “He’s a Liberal. Thankfully in municipal politics, party lines don’t get in the way of supporting the best candidate for the job.

    “We believe, hands down, that George Smitherman is the only one who can finally fix City Hall and get it focused on serving us as taxpayers.”

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