09.15.2010 01:08 PM

The dictionary definition of unseemly

Unseemly, def.: People who would not have dared to criticize Kory Teneycke, now giddily kicking him when he’s down. Syn.: Ottawa.


  1. Jan says:

    As my father always said -‘you meet the same people going down, as you did going up’ Karma bites.

  2. Greg says:

    Just wait until he is the chairman of the CRTC.

    • Anonymously Posted says:

      No, I think he is too toxic, even for sludge-loving Harper. Besides, he was more or less let go from the PMO too, right?

      • Paul R. Martin says:

        The amount of stored up hate within certain left wing elements continues to amaze me. Try smelling some roses for a change.

  3. Alberta Bob says:

    Kory is a quitter. He dug this hole with is smarmy attitude trying to force Fox News/Sun onto everybody’s cable bill and portraying it as a freedom of speech issue. And now he’s bailing out. Good riddance.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    If you have a heart upon arriving in Ottawa — best leave it at the door to go into storage…lest it rapidly disappear.

    Kory was up, now down. He’ll be up again in short order. There’s no doubt about that. The guy is intense enough to make things happen.

  5. Tceh says:

    Teneycke sold himself to QMI as the guy who would deliver Sun TV to Canadian cable bills whether Canadians wanted to watch it or not.

    The NP and CBC are tying the RCMP investigation of Avaaz poll manipulation to his departure at QMI. Time will tell if that is a fair characterization of why he was fired or not.




  6. Riley says:

    Avaaz are global in reach, local in organization. The people behind this particular campaign are Canadian, as are the 80,000 people who signed the petition (less the phony ones that someone (Hmmm … I wonder, who it was?) added).

    Avaaz knows what it’s doing. They play by today’s rules and Sorry Kory just had had his Haynes handed to him on a skewer.

    Everyone knows what Sun Media stands for, now. They’ve been positioned and people’s minds won’t be changed. First impressions are hard to shake. They’ve helped position the Conservatives as people who like to use dirty tricks and push people around. People hate that. NDP voters … think for a minute. If you want this to stop you have got to vote Liberal if you’re in a riding where your team usually places 3rd or worse. Do it, just this once, for Canada.

    We had a national day care program until you guys killed it, thanks to the phony letter Judy W. waved around in the ’06 election campaign. How did that help this country? Hmmm?

  7. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I don’t think it’s on for Kory to become a future Chair of the CRTC. This Prime Minister is far too tactical for that — that type of blatant and quite deliberate provocation would be much too explosive for Harper’s enemies and detractors.

    I’m getting the feeling that we’ll discover him, sooner rather than later, strategically positioned in a “thinking outside the box” position.

    We Liberals need to be ready for anything. At his best, Kory is a formidable adversary. Thus far, he has lacked consistency. May it continue!

  8. Derek Pearce says:

    Well, I have no idea who you mean by “those wouldn’t dare criticize” him, but if Smitherman or Ford had done the same thing regarding a municpal petition, you’d be all over it! (Relax, I’m a Rossi supporter too.) As has been pointed out elsewhere, it is not forthright to sign up fake names and the names of actual journalists to a petition. Without their permission or knowledge. It is, however, stumblebum to sign up said names from a traceable IP address. Heh, and then to tweet about it from same said IP address. When no one else was even aware yet. Wow, this just gets more chuckle-worthy the more you think about it.

  9. Patchouli says:

    Warren, you’re old enough to know that what goes ’round, comes ’round.

    Too immature, too brash, and too stupid to realize his partisanship was no longer protected by his position as it was with PMO. And it’s the way he treated people that has those same people crowing giddily, gleefully.

    Smart guy? Sure, in a cutting way. Nice guy? Maybe in person, but a sophomoric jerk in his work environment.

    He’s young; he’ll have another kick at the can. We’ll see if he continues to kick as viciously in the future. He seems to have tangled himself in his own smart little game. And that’s life.

  10. I’m proud to say that I’m criticising him now and was never scared to do so. He might have all the great behind the scenes qualities that you ascribe, but the way he attacked Canadian media in order to build a new media was unseemly and I’m glad that it failed just out of principle.

  11. paulsstuff says:

    “Harper…Mulroney… Harris…Reagan…deficits…connect the dots…!!!”

    Trudeau…Rae…McGuinty…Charest…Obama…connect the dots

  12. Derek Pearce says:

    Pee-Wee… Jambi…Chairy…Pterri… Cowntess… connect the dots, la-la-la lala !

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