09.25.2010 11:10 AM

What my sons and I saw from the dock last night


  1. Rome says:

    Look the other way and catch Jupiter rising! It’s on it’s closest pass in decades.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Is that the sun setting on a “Harper Canada”??????

  3. allegra fortissima says:

    That’s Eochaid mac Eire, famous for his justice system. No tree would silhouette the other guy, not in Warren’s neighbourhood.

    The photo is beautiful, thank you!

  4. Wannabeapiper says:

    It’s not the sunset, or the manifestation of God in our Universe that Warren may be focusing on. It’s the Loch Ness Monster type thing at the bottom centre of the photo!
    Be afraid, be very, very afraid!

    • Warren says:

      Ha. Good eye. That’s actually where I anchor my kids’ big “Splash Island” thing, now sadly kaput.

      Anyone know where to buy one of those big water trampolines things, BTW?

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Time To Get Back To The Canada You Remember.

    Some, like to be lead on a leash by an all-knowing mind;
    Others, prefer discussion, debate and mental enlightenment;
    Some, have done everything in their power to make our Canada unrecognizable;
    Others, yearn for the principles of a liberal democracy;
    Some, take great joy in what they’ve created these past five years;
    Others, mourn a great, tolerant nation that was;
    Think carefully about that when you cast your ballot.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    A Candidate’s Questionnaire.

    Dear Prospective Candidate,

    Know ahead of time what a great privilege it is to run for the party. After all, we have many years in government behind us. And speaking of behinds, remember that you’ll have to see your doctor to make sure that your back is sufficiently flexible. All that spineless bending over to accommodate the divine will can be quite taxing on the physical form.

    Remember, as of this date, you are one with the collective — we’ve fused into one all-knowing, all-thinking, infallible brain power. Thinking for oneself is not only no longer optional, it’s plain unnecessary. Happily join the drone squad, those who quite naturally can think of nothing else but to follow orders from on high.

    No matter the file, no matter the issue, we are always right. Everyone else is automatically wrong. Never cede an inch. Crush our opposition. Grind them into the dirt, if necessary. Remember those telling words: “Didn’t you used to be somebody?” Attack, constantly attack. Again, take no quarter. Destroy, destroy, destroy.

    Victory is ours. The con continues!

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