10.22.2010 07:23 AM

And if I were Smitherman’s campaign manager, I’d keep my mouth shut

To wit:

“I think this last batch of Catholic trustees has done harm not just to Catholic education, but all public education,” said Bruce Davis, who chairs the Toronto public board and is a longtime political strategist. “If I was a Catholic voter, I’d throw them all out.”

Way to piss off a bunch of campaign teams on the eve of E-day, genius. Brilliant.


  1. Cath says:

    Yep, pretty stupid thing to say. Give me a minute and let’s see what we can pull up about the effectiveness of the TDSB?

    I’ll do Davis one better WK – let’s save us all a huge chunk of cash and say bye-bye to ineffective trustees everywhere. Actually the Catholic board over the last two years has done remarkably well without their trustees. Think you could talk Dalton into making this board the poster child of a pilot project of just how things may look without a school board? I’m almost certain that the public is ready to see the pace and money spent on boards parallel the decline in student enrollment in the vast majority of regions of this province. Is sure as shooting shouldn’t take more board staff to manage fewer students should it?

  2. Cow says:

    And Ford’s campaign is announcing that that whole ‘getting rid of the land transfer tax’ promise is…already not happening.

    I’m so glad this race to the bottom ends Monday.

    • Andrew says:

      The land transfer tax is tied to an entire provincial bureaucracy and a contracted firm that needs to be wined down before it is finally gotten rid of. If you wait a year, LTT will be gone.

  3. CaligulaJones says:

    Heh. I’ll have to ask my neighbour why, exactly, he has a Smitherman sign…on his BACK porch. Sorta tucked in sideways behind his recycling bin.

    Its been there for a week, so I don’t think this is the reason. What did George say last week?

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