10.02.2010 12:57 PM

How much does Rogers suck?

They call me. They say I owe them money. I show them how I do not. The “customer service” moron says he has to check with someone. “I will be back in half a second,” he says.

I wait 22 minutes. I hang up.

Anyone else despise them like I do? Comments are open. Tell your Rogers horror stories. I want to hurt them.


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    Jason says:

    The way I see it, you waited about 22 minutes too long before hanging up!

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    Riley says:

    I got an iPhone 4. Love the phone…hate Rogers now. Bill is supposed to be around $60 per month. Get my first bill… It’s $102. I ask the rep WTF? She says “oh we bill at the beginning of the month but you started before the start of the standard billing period so you were charged non-plan rates until the standard billing period kicked in.” You know stuff like $0.30 a minute for local calls ridiculous sums per megabyte of data. I puked all over my phone receiver. I’m sending Rogers the repair bill.

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    Gareth Hitchings says:

    I hate Rogers so much I actually found myself giving begrudging approval to the harper government when they opened the door for Wind, Mobilicity and Public Mobile.

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    James Bow says:

    Rogers is okay in terms of broadband internet and my home phone, but I’m staying with Bell for my mobile phone. I also cut cable entirely and get all my television through an antennae.

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    Steve Gallagher says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

    I know that Shaw is a pain in the butt. We had Rogers here on the coast too. They were also a pain in the butt. But trust me, Telus takes the cake with all the candles!

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      Riley says:

      Agreed. Telus is the worst bar none.

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      ghoris says:

      Never, ever had a problem with Shaw. Some of the most positive customer service experiences I’ve had apart from WestJet.

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    Chris says:

    Warren –

    Curious but isn’t this the same Rogers that John Tory was a senior executive of? Remember negative billing I believe it was Mr. JT who presided over that one! Left Rogers for Bell left Bell for Wind. Have never been happier the past 6 months I’ve been with them.

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    Bill King says:

    Exact same thing happened to me with Bell. Exept it took have a lot longer to get it resolved. They’re all the same.

    I can’t wait until the next entrants have the capacity to make it worthwhile for me to sign up.

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    Mike says:

    Hello Warren,

    We have had issues with our lovely Rogers phone for sometime, but my wife had enough and called today and was on hold for 30 minutes plus (this morning) I then took the phone and I believe I was listening to Air Supply for the last 10 minutes. I have been in a deep depression since. Not sure if it was the wait or Air Supply.

    Thank you Rogers!


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      Namesake says:

      you’re all out of love

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The sad (and pathetic) thing about all this is that the usual pattern is in the offing — those that provide bad to rotten service have absolutely no incentive to do anything about it. All they have to do is take the consistently easy way out. Wait for the new kids to grow up and achieve interesting market share…and then buy them out (as in the past) without improving customer service. God Bless Capitalism!

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    dizzy says:

    // Tell your Rogers horror stories. //


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    Shmegeggy says:

    The key is to get connected immediately to “customer relations.” Don’t waste your time with customer service. Just tell them you want to cancel all your services and they need to escalate you directly to customer relations. I used to hate Rogers too until I discovered this trick.

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    Emilie says:

    Yah Telus. No funny charges ever and call them – Manila is the best of the worst. But oh I hate that talking computer who has to sing a stupid bell every time she looks something up. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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    Jim says:

    My parents live in Thunder Bay. I finished Grad School at the University of Waterloo and decided to take a job in London, UK. I called Rogers to switch my phone number to a Thunder Bay number, the customer service rep tells me that Rogers will no longer provide service in Thunder Bay. I asked if I can cancel my phone, and he said no they can’t do that because Thunder Bay telephone would be providing my service once I switch my phone. I seriously have problems with the limited service Thunder Bay telephone provides and now rogers is forcing me to use a company that I have no desire to use.

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    WDM says:

    I have to hit guide twice to actually get the guide. And there’s a delay in between the first and second screen, so sometimes I accidentally hit guide a third time, thus actually exiting the guide screen.

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      heather says:

      You can change that. One of the options on that first screen that comes up lets you change the order so that the guide comes up first.

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    Raymond says:

    Rogers, Telus, Bell…they all deserve to be Hoffa’d.
    Don’t even get me started.

    (God, but it’s a lovely autumn day out west, though)

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    Riley says:

    Sasktel at least has 3G here in Manitoba MTS (you know the phone company that used to provide good service when it was owned by the people) is useless. There is no 3G outside of Winnipeg and it’s in Winnipeg only thanks to Rogers. Manitoba has the cheapest rates for hydro and car insurance because those services are still owned by the people through our representative government. The people of sask used to own potash Corp. Now the American CEO stands to make $400 million in stock options on it’s sale. He did nothing. PCS has an oligopoly on potash production and work demand has spiked. That money should go to Saskatchewan…not a private bank account in Chicago.

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    Kevin says:

    For about five years it seemed they were calling every six hours because I was such a valued customer. Just checking up, and by the way would I like to purchase this deal or that combo or this gadget or that stuff?

    It got to the point where I got angry with the caller, five or six times. No dice.

    Then I started swearing at them, and not nice little old lady swears, either. Nothing.

    Then I pretended to cry. That seems to have worked.

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    Michael says:

    Despite clear instructions, they spelled my business name wrong for call display and on their list for the White Pages phone directory. It took nearly a month to get it changed, during which time my clients were receiving phone calls on their call display from the wrong business name…and not just wrong, but an embarrassingly wrong name, spelled completely incorrectly….it wasn’t even a proper word they had used in place of my actual business name!

    To their credit, they applied some hefty discounts to my account for my troubles, however, I have yet to see if it was corrected in time for the printed version of the White Pages. Needless to say, I will not be amused if I have to spend a year with an incorrect name in the phone book.

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    paulsstuff says:

    Rogers Issue #1

    Had a Rogers cell phone and got rid of my land line. Rogers calls me on the phone asking if I’m interested in automatic billing from my account, to which I agree. All banking info given. A few weeks later phone has no service. Seeing as I have no land line have to go to a pay phone to call and see what’s going on.

    I’m told my service is cut because I never paid my bill. I explain that I am on automatic withdrawal and that THEY called me asking to pay in that fashion. Customer service rep looks at the file, realizes they screwed up, and says service will be reinstated in 30 minutes.

    Now here’s where it gets really good. I ask the Rogers rep why they never called for payment before cutting my service and he tells me they have no contact phone number.

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    paulsstuff says:

    Rogers Issue #2

    Come home from work and turn on tv. No cable signal. Check internet and no internet as well. Call Rogers and am on hold for half an hour. When I finally get somebody on the phone they tell me I cancelled my service, to which I reply I did not. Turns out my next door neighbor who sold his house gave them my house number when cancelling his service. So I’m intrigued. I ask the rep about their privacy laws, and how is it somebody was able to cancel my service. Puts me on hold to check with his manager. Comes back on and offers free service for a year, never explaing the pricavy question. I agree.

    Two weeks later I get two Rogers bills in the mail. One with my name and address and one with my address and the new neighbors name. Call Rogers again asking for an explanation, citing privacy and asking how someone could use my house as a billing address and supplying services I already had. Manager comes on offering a free PVR for a year and some pay-per-view movies each month for a year, never citing the privacy question again. I agree.

    After the free years service I cancel and switch to Express-Vu. Never had a problem since.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    I never, positively never, agree to automatic billing. I like to keep my edge. And it has paid handsome dividends in the past.

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    Robert Lendvai says:

    Called Rogers Wireless a few days before a family trip to Disney World to enquire about a data plan. I Tweet a lot and love to share photos from my iPhone. The only option I was given were US Data Travel Packs which are a ton of money for not a whole lot of data. I bit the biscuit and bought 75MB for $60 which was good for 30 days. 75MB isn’t much so my plans to share photos and videos with the folks back home was somewhat curtailed.

    When I got back from Florida I logged into rogers.com to review my usage and bill. When I clicked over to add-ons I discovered a 1 month US Data plan that offers a whopping 1GB of data for only $40!!!! (I took a Twitpic of the page and it’s online at http://www.twitpic.com/2t7ift) When I tweeted about this, @rogershelps directed me to talk to customer service. I called customer service and the person I spoke with had never heard of such a plan. After checking with somebody else he came back and said that was only for customers on a month-to-month plan. “Huh? I’m on contract paying you thousands of dollars and the guy with no commitment pays a fraction of what I’m forced to pay?” His answer – “ya pretty much.” I hate this company.

    CBC’s Marketplace did a blog story about an earlier issue I had with the. You can still read it http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/story/2009/12/16/consumer-cellphone-bill-marketplace.html

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    Memee says:

    Rogers Stories

    1. Father in hospital dying. I’m clearing his home and trying to cancel his ROGERS home phone and cable. Mother is at home on chemo at the same time. I spent hours I didn’t have free, away from making my parents relaxed, trying to cancel the phone. Rogers put me through hell for a couple of days. I finally decided forget it and just never paid it. One month after my father died (3 mos. later) I start getting bills with accruing interest and new monthly charges on his account. Someone called within the year asking me if I wanted to switch my home phone to Rogers. I said “Absolutely not” and he was very nice and actually wanted to know if there was a problem. So I calmly told him the whole story. And I said I know it’s not his fault but you know, that’s terrible to put a family through that garbage at such a time. He agreed with me, said he understood and if that had been him, he’d feel and do the same as me.

    2. At some point Rogers had people going door to door trying to sign up new customers. My mother was elderly. A very very very tall imposing man came one night after dark on behalf of Rogers. I happened to be with Mom at the time. This man would not listen to her nor close the door. I stepped in, told him to get the hell off our step, NOT EVER bully any elderly person again and NEVER RETURN. Then I called Rogers and tore a strip off them and said if they ever send anyone to the house again, I’m calling the cops and having the rep arrested. Not like I could but still, I was angry.

    3. I cancelled my Rogers cable recently. Nothing ever on, I don’t watch tv anyway, and I hate Rogers. They told me I have to give 30 days notice and it said that on my contract. I was one day within ending a month of service or something. Then I had to wait in line a few weeks later, for 50 minutes, to turn in the damn box, remote and their precious “black power cord”.

    I’m now Rogers free and intend to stay that way forever. That is one crappy company all around.

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    scanner says:

    John Tory set this system up, that’s why I’ve always said “If you like the service you get from Rogers, you’ll love the way Toronto works under Tory.” I printed their corporate Christmas cards one year – had to ship separate bundle to all their offices, and not charge for the packaging time 🙁 They took 200 days to pay my bill, then they short paid and I had to harass them to get my shipping cost and the changes charges out of them. And don’t even ask what it was like doing the Nickleback tour with them.

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    Tim says:

    I said “I want a Pre-paid phone. because I will leave Canada 10 months later”
    …and they suggested 3yr contract for me.
    I don’t really understand rogers service

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    Dan says:

    About a week ago I was thinking about upgrading my high speed internet from the 60 gigs to 80 gigs. I asked the service rep what I have to do to get this done. So he puts me on hold for 30 minutes and then finally comes back and says “just return the modem to you nearest Rogers store and they switch it with the new one”. Then I would have to call back and set up the new high speed account, which means I will be put on hold forever again.

    I must be the first person to ever ask them this question.

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    rim row says:

    i bough a phone with rogers a few years ago. nothing but trouble from the day after i walked out of the store. i HATE them with a passion. they rip you off, they are rude and they have horrible coverage. my phone broke every month so i called customer service when they sent it back still broken but with coffie and hair behind the screen. they transfered me to 6 different people and toook around 3 hours. after that they gave me a new phone but made me resighn. the new phone also broke every month, one time the customer service rep told me so deal with it or fix the effin phone myself and hung up. then i called back and asked to go straight to the supervisor because i was so fed up and gave him an earfull. i told him he either lets me cancell my contract for free or he gives me a new phone for free. he wouldt let me go so he gave me an iphone for free.. buy that was after the hastle of them loosing the cerial number for the phone i had and them calling me a thief…. i asked them why would i steal the exact same piece of crap phone. also one my phone was broken and they tried to charge me 800$ on a phone bill because my phone sent off like 10000 txts. it was sending the same message 5-8 times. they could not figure it out. if your thinking of going with rogers… think again.

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