10.05.2010 08:32 AM

Power and Politics, Oct. 4: He said he said, blah blah blah

Reformatory Monte Solberg, who has grown to Godzilla-size, takes on me and the NDP’s Peggy Nash.

Go to “Featured Video” here, at 1:43 mark.


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You know how I can be full of hot air. As you may recall, Monte is my “pick” for next CPC leader. Be interesting to see if the stars are aligning.

  2. JStanton says:

    But why validate Mr. Solberg by a) appearing with him on MSM, and b), drawing attention to a) ?

    That Mr. Solberg comes across as vacuous, and a bit of a whiner, is widely acknowledged.

    It hardly adds to one’s credibility, though, when permitting oneself to be a mere prop in his PR vehicle.

    I guess to its really, really difficult not to heed the advice of Gore Vidal, to “never say no to sex, or the opportunity to appear on TV”.

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