10.02.2010 09:01 AM

You never get nervous anymore

Tokyo Police Club, popster popstar pride of Teedot.  Every time they come on the car hi-fi, my daughter stops me.  “I know, Dad, I know,” she says, eyes rolling.  “They’re from Toronto.  I know.”

(And if you look carefully, you can see a portrait of Sir Wilfrid Laurier in the corner, above drummer Greg Alsop.  How Canadian is that?)


  1. F. Sinatra says:

    I can hear why the two dogs are running so fast. This music hurts to hear.

  2. Damien Walsh says:

    Aren’t they really from Newmarket?

  3. Blair Shumlich says:

    They recently came to my University, and our bar hosted them. One of my colleagues our student union executive had the chance to interview them on our USSU radio show–which I used to do. If I hadn’t given him the show I’d have interviewed Tokyo Police Club!

    I’d have gone to see them as well, but sadly I’m in LSAT studying lockdown mode.

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