11.19.2010 09:50 AM

And kudos to David Suzuki and the United Church

…criticism of Israel doesn’t have to mean playing host to a mean-spirited polemicist.


  1. smelter rat says:

    Geez, you’d think the NP would have a clue about punctuation and spacing.

  2. V. Malaise says:

    I can think of a very popular talk radio host in Calgary who refuses to have the kudos guy on his show again because of his language and attitude.

  3. Peter1a says:

    You are correct re poll numbers, BUT !! they don’t really reflect anything more than core support.

    They do however reflect clearly the public malaise about anything political. They just aren’t interested.

    With the slow removal of prominent Red Tories from the party, we can see Reform slowly taking over absolute, complete control. With that will go any hope of a majority and quite possibly any hope of Govt. It may fly out West but the East sure doesn’t like it and BC is iffy to.

  4. jaded says:

    Galloway’s unedited weekly radio call in shows are archived at his site. I don’t see the mean spiritedness that is being ascribed to him. Any info on whether people are being given an opportunity to challenge his views at his speaking tour stops?

  5. moose says:

    George Galloway is an idealist and as such was opposed the invasion
    of Iraq.It is sickening to hear the abuse he is subjected to Since when is being against war and attempting to help the poor a crime?
    The crimes are the unecessary(to put it mildly)invasions committed
    by Blair and Bush and the injustice of Israeli and others treatment
    of the Palestinians. I suggest that those interested in a more objective view of the middle east,should read Robert Fisk of “The Independant”.

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