11.04.2010 10:16 PM

Calling all iPropellerheads

So, I get iLife and Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

So I download ’em on my Mac.

So I go to play one of the kabillion songs I have laboriously placed on iTunes over a period of years.

So the playlists are there.  The music is there.  But the song information is not.

So the iTunes window is just blank.  Playlists on left, nothing on the right.  Zero, zippo, zilch.

So I’m getting a bit nervous about this.  Dunno how to fix it.



  1. Namesake says:

    don’t have a mac, but suspect you may have to rescan / rebuild the whole itunes database if it’s not compatible w. the new OS… and or upgrade itunes, too (which is likely free)

  2. Rome says:

    I have program called Tune Up. You drag songs with incomplete info into its window and in scours the web to fill in the blanks. Song title, artist, album cover, as much or as little info that you want. It’s not perfect, not every find is accurate, but it’s right a majority of the time. And, it gives a rating on how accurate it thinks it is.

    I like it.

  3. Ian says:

    Take a deep breath. You’re not alone.

    Are you using iTunes 10?

    Do you have the latest Snow Leopard Graphics Update?

    And the Mac OS X v10.6.4 Update (Combo)?

    Back up, then reinstall the Mac OS X 10.6.4 and the graphics updates, then restore from the Time Machine backup, but DO NOT RESTORE iTunes!!!

    Instead, install the latest version of iTunes (10.0.1) and then restore the contents of your music library.

    Drag those files into the iTunes window, and they should automatically copy to the new library file.

    Either that, or wait for the update. Best wishes!

  4. Blair Shumlich says:

    Get a PC because they are far superior?

    Couldn’t help myself.

  5. Andrew says:

    Personally, Winamp is a more flexible and customizable player.

    That being said, I would strongly suggest that you purchase an external backup drive or the Apple time capsule and schedule back ups before upgrading. You can purchase 2TB drive for under $150 or send twice that for the Time Capsule.

    You should be able to roll back your system by using Time Machine.

  6. Ted H. says:

    Switch to emusic, it’s cheaper, no DRM and lots of great stuff to download.

    • kyliep says:

      second emusic as a source, but warren still will want the itunes software to work properly, regardless as to whether he buys it from emusic or the itunes store. hope it’s resolved. as someone w/ over 130GB of music, i can sympathize and would be similarly enraged if i lost all the track info.

  7. michael hale says:

    There’s “get music” function that basically searches your computer and brings it all into iTunes. Try that as a simple solution first. It’s on the pull down tabs.

  8. Sam The Record Mann says:

    Support these artists, Warren. Go buy their albums. 🙂

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