11.30.2010 06:50 PM

Don Martin

My former Calgary Herald colleague, Don Martin, has left the National Post – and, I presume, the Herald – to become the new host of Power Play.

That’s good news for CTV, but not so great for Postmedia.  The Post’s John Ivison is a gifted writer with an acerbic wit, but – last time I checked – John was one person.  He can’t cover the entire Hill, as a columnist, all on his own.  I think Postmedia will need to sign up someone else for North of the Queensway columnar duties, but what do I know.

In any event, big congrats to Don.  I miss sparring with Powers on CTV’s news channel, but he’ll be Prime Minister of Newfoundland in a few weeks’ time, so that’s that.


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    Paul R Martin says:

    I watched him during his week as a guest host on Power Play. Other than Dan Matheson, he was by far the best substitute host that they tried. I assume that Matheson did not want the job.

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    Namesake says:

    Well, it is indeed too bad that the NCC Post & Calgary Herald will now be devoid of almost the only one willing to speak frankly about the Cons’ cock-ups there, which’ll make them more of, as the con-bots like to say, an echo chamber, once again. I’ll also miss him on Power & Politics, where he was generally pretty sensible & frank. Not sure how well he’ll do as a moderator, tho’; it’s apt to be a lose-lose prop. for centrists if he sucks at that & is muzzling himself in the process.

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    Skinny Dipper says:

    I’m confused. Is Don Martin going to CBC’s Power and Politics or CTV’s Power Play?

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    Rocky says:

    I can’t help but think that Don will turn the show into more of a gabfest than it already is….plus my gut says he is a true Reformatory. Not good…but it seems the way of the world these days.

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    Peter1a says:

    Seems to me that over the last couple of years Don has slowly been shifting left.

    I’m kind of surprised at CTV as this would indicate a definite Left shift on their part to.

    Thought a couple of the girls were pretty good to. Still Don will be SO MUCH better than that twit Evan Solomon !!

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    JamesF says:

    That’s disappointing to hear from a newspaper reader’s perspective. Martin was pretty much the only left guy at that publication that would call a spade a spade regardless of who was holding the card.

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