11.27.2010 05:20 PM

Far right taking over Tim “No Plan” Hudak’s party?

BCL has the deets.

Who are the Landowners?  Well, one of their top guys, here, says he’s VP for Randy Hiller’s riding Frontenac-area association.  He’s been investigated by the OPP for making death threats, and is notorious for his white supremacy and extremism.

We all know who he is, and what he stands for.  What we don’t get, however, is why Hudak, Hiller et al. haven’t denounced someone who would write filth like this:

Typical n****r behavior. Concealed carry would have made the outcome much different. Note if the perpetrators had been White, they would have all got the death penalty for a hate crime against n*****s. And the lieberals wonder why a large segment of Whites hate blacks and distrust them. I am surprised the black bastards did not try to rape them, that is standard fare for n*****s.


  1. Paul R Martin says:

    Aren’t conspiracy theories fun, especially if they involve the other guys? If the Liberals lose the next Ontario election, there will be a lot of hush hush stories about Dalton, his leadership and potential successors. We are in the “phony war” stage. The real Ontario election campaign has yet to begin. Now if we could also arrange a federal election next year, Warren will feel like he is in heaven. Cheers and seasons greetings!

  2. Iris Mclean says:

    Why would this be surprising? Anyone who would consider Mike (I want the fucking Indians out of the park) Harris a friend, well, I could go on.

  3. Michael S says:

    There’s no conspiracy. It’s being waged out in the open.

    There is nothing phony about Randy Hillier playing Brutus to Tim Hudak’s weak Caesar. That’s been the plan all along. Ragin’ Randy’s boys seriously believe that they are but one step away from running the show. That’s the line they’ve been peddling in their fundraising and in their speeches at local evangelical churches. They REALLY want the campaign to be about guns, god, gays, immigrants and abortion, Tim Hudak be damned.

    Tim had better beware that the tail doesn’t end up wagging the dog.

  4. hugger says:

    When I click a link which takes me to the site linked above and I read some of the posts, I always think of the movie Deliverance.

    Strange how ones mind works sometimes.

  5. JenS says:

    Ever met Hillier???? [[[SHUDDER]]]

  6. Bill King says:

    Warren, do you have anything to substantiate your inference this guy is actually involved with Hillier’s Riding association?

    If so, please share; I can’t find it.


    • Warren says:


      Mr. Barrett:

      If I may introduce myself, I am Edward Kennedy, president of the Frontenac Lennox & Addington Landowners Association, DIrector of the Ontario Landowners Association, and VP of the Frontenac sector of the Randy Hillier Riding Association.

      I have had some interesting times with some MOE field officers, the Kingston manager, and the deflector…er I mean director of the eastern region, Gayla Campney.

      It all started when I asked diplomatically of Rhonda Clancy’s manager, Trevor Dagilis, what her credentials were. I had noted that some area landowners were having problems with her and noted that her orders seemed to be worded in an unusual way such as “I reasonably believe that…” to preface some serious opinions that could cost the targets tens of thousands of dollars. Wanting to see what she presupposed her “reasonable beliefs” upon, which we found to be anything but, I asked her manager for her credentials. He refused, directing me to the “Freedom of Information” process, which was totally unacceptable as all bureaucrats are employed by the taxpayer and such info is not a secret.

      At that point he became belligerent and threatening, refusing to answer my legitimate concerns and attempted to intimidate me by bringing in their legal arm. That was a mistake, as I am not threatened, and responded therafter fittingly in my own belligerent manner.

      I then contacted Mr Gerrestsen who down loaded me onto the “domineering matrix of the MOE”, Gayla Campagna who treated me the same as her manager, and even went so far as typical lieberals are wont to do in having a meeting with police, smearing/defaming me, accusing me of doing things I never did, thinking things I never thought, saying things I never said, and having contact with people I never had in any manner.

      This was their second mistake. All that did was again to force me to treat her as the buffoon and self important person I see her as, again dishonestly trying to intimidate and deflect the issue of concern away from the credentials of Rhonda Clancy and also my request for those of Trevor Dagilis.

      I now also require the credentials of Gayla Campney, who I found in her reply to futilely attempt to suck and blow at the same time.

      I require your assistance to get the public info I am entitled to, and I would like you to know that all the correspondence between myself and the “matrix” has been copied to the Kingston Police and the OPP to assure the fantasies of Gayla Campney do not drift into seeing what is not, hearing what is not, feeling what is not, but I cannot bind her vivid and unrealistic grasp of what is, nor stop her mental meanderings into “never never” land. I also wonder how in my opinion, such an incompetent, belligerent, domineering, bullying legend in her own mind ever got to be in the position she is in, I could far better employ her as a track mat for my skid steer, a mud flap for my dump truck, or a lawn shock absorber for the trees I free fall. Sound verbally abusive? Well, I have a rule to treat others as they treat me, and their innocent victims, and she has it coming and more. She set the rules and I will play by them. I do not take kindly to people I see as liars, bullies, and arrogant cowards.

      I would like you to acquire the credentials of the three people mentioned and also to inquire why the big problem in revealing public information to myself?

      Yours in truth,

      Edward Kennedy

  7. Rory says:

    This Landowner stuff plays to Hudak’s advantage by making him look moderate, centrist and accessible to 905ers by painting a villain to his right. Short-sighted.

  8. I’m not exactly sure, but I think Edward Kennedy suggested I be horse whipped once. At the time, it was the highlight of my Internet career (but not really.)


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