11.26.2010 10:05 AM

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Today, I refer you to the fine free opinionizing of:

  • Kady on a quiet day in Ottawa and WikiLeaks leaks.  She’s a media machine.
  • Lilley on climate change and related confabs.  He’s unconvinced.
  • BigCityLib on No Plan Timmy – funny and insightful, comme toujours.
  • GritChik, unimpressed – and who wasn’t – by those who joke about getting molested by rent-a-cops.
  • Bowie, damning Dion (I think) with faint praise.
  • Calgary Grit, on Danny Williams.  I won’t miss him, personally.
  • Dawg has gone to Milan! I think my invite was lost in the mail.


  1. Namesake says:

    On Danny Williams: ok, so he wasn’t exactly Captain Canada, but could you imagine where we might be at if we had a national leader who exhibited the same passion and worked as diligently for Canada as Williams did for his province?

    Specifically, what would be happening now if Stevie were more like Danny:

    * why, we wouldn’t be buggering up our capacity to develop useful information about the country by replacing the mandatory long form census with a far less accurate and less valuable long form national household survey in a possible attempt to sabotage social programs related to education, immigration and poverty: we’d be saving millions on the collection of data by fostering patriotism, removing the needless threat of jail time, & properly explaining its purpose, and then we’d then USE the data instead of trying to hide from it, to build better education, housing, and job programs!

    * we wouldn’t be kicked out of a temporary military base over landing rights for the UAE airlines to protect a failing Canadian company and its German airline partner’s profits: we’d build a new partnership with the emerging UAE airline and build a permanent base and create thousands more jobs for all of us!

    * we wouldn’t be writing a blank cheque to buy the wrong kind of American jets with no guarantee of jobs: we’d be building our own, employing many thousands more of us, and saving billions in the process!;

    * we wouldn’t be passed over in a vote for a temporary seat on the UN Security Council: we’d be given a permanent one by acclamation!

    * we wouldn’t be kowtowed into doing the US’s bidding so it could try to exit slightly more gracefully from an ill-considered never-ending war in Afghanistan: we’d broker the peace and set to work on helping them educate their populace and build their infrastructure and develop their new mines, saving us and making them billions!

  2. allegra fortissima says:

    Buon Viaggio, Dawg 🙂

    Sorry that you missed the plane, Warren!

  3. billg says:

    Um, Namesake…Danny Williams never once worked for Canada..he worked for his province and the rest of the country could go to hell as far as he was concerned, a blowhard and a showman rarely makes a great national leader. And, as far as the blogs go…when I grow up I wanna be just like CalgaryGrit.

    • Namesake says:

      um, you missed my point, which was that if Harper truly had Canada’s interests at heart to nearly the extent that Williams had fought for his province, then he wouldn’t keep selling us short to the US’s interests in the effort to suck up to them &/or bask in their reflected glory.

      And I should have added caving on the softwood lumber file & waiving the World Trade Organization penalties.

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