11.25.2010 09:18 AM

In other Palin news: the invasion of Canada will commence shortly

Please, please, please God: please make her Obama’s Republican opponent in 2012. Please.


  1. Northern PoV says:

    Hey, not so fast there. Playing with dynamite is dangerous to your health!

    I found it hard to believe that GW Bush had even a remote chance against Gore.
    Since then I have learned to never overestimate the collective intelligence of the American electorate.*

    Picking Palin as the VP candidate in ’08 lowered the bar. (Just like dubya’s win x2)
    Having her as the Presidential nominee in ’12 will take that further and set up a future win for Palin or someone worse. Or she could beat Obama should the economy continue to erode and/or other (unforeseen) events happen. Be careful what you wish for!

    *I now feel the same way about the collective intelligence of the Canadian electorate.

    • Michael Reintjes says:

      *I now feel the same way about the collective intelligence of the Canadian electorate.

      That’s funny,because that’s exactly how I felt when Paul Martin was elected in ’04
      Perspective is a funny thng..

      • hugger says:

        “That’s funny,because that’s exactly how I felt when Paul Martin was elected in ’04
        Perspective is a funny thng..”

        How so? Please explain.

  2. Paul R Martin says:

    Why pick on her Warren? After all, she thinks that the US should stand by their NORTH KOREAN ALLIES. If my memory is correct, Barbara Bush said that Palin was very pretty and that she hoped that Palin would stay in Alaska.

  3. IC says:

    Sarah Palin: ‘We Gotta Stand With Our North Korean Allies’. I guess she does look a bit like a tranny version of Kim Jong-il on a bad day.

    This is also the numb-skull who bleated about her visit to Ireland – she stayed inside her plane as it gassed up for the journey to the Land of the Subjugated from Shannon.

    The real question is – why are Americans so gullible and find themselves even contemplating voting for a laughing stock to lead them into an even bigger hole?

    I agree with Warren – please let her go head-to-head…

  4. MW says:

    “Instead he stuck to the much cooler, more cerebral, more reasoned medium of radio where he made fanatastic reasoned and principled mini-speeches”

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. It’s 2010 for god’s sake. Let’s see a presidential candidate stick to radio. Good luck with that.

    And lets have a link to Obama referring to himself as a Muslim. If you’re referring to the Stephanopoulos interview, you should read the transcript IN FULL or actually watch the WHOLE interview. A lot to ask, I know. It’s not as cool or cerebral as radio. I guess you could just close your eyes as you watch.

  5. hugger says:

    That you would compare Douglas MacArthur to Sarah Palin is absurd.

    MacArthur may not have understood domestic politics in the way a career politician does, but in his field of expertise, no one could doubt his abilities. What field of expertise can Palin lay claim to? Appealing to those who only listen to soundbites from a right wing dingbat that has a hard time remembering what she has been coached to parrot?

    As far as your admiration of Reagan is concerned, that can all be explained away based on his abilities as an actor and the tremendous amount of money spent to elect him. That dwarfed the funds spent on his Democrat opponent.

    Lastly, what’s with the Obama / muslim smear? I am reading this at other Canadian sites and am wondering if this another orchestrated campaign influenced by the Republican / Israeli lobby?

    I note your general tone exudes that expressed at other far right wing nut job sites.

    • hugger says:

      “Palin is a very talented politician and public speaker, but those two attributes do not a great leader make.”

      Please tell me you were chuckling when wrote that with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek. I find her rehearsed corny delivery very difficult to listen to. If she has to answer questions her tone becomes whiny and she strains to offer a suitable previously memorized response. And that well ain’t too deep.

      On Reagan’s funding I was referring specifically to his first term. A person can read all the books based on him they chose to and take from them what they wish, but what counts is the bottom line. In my book that would be the books. The escalation of the debt during his time was unprecedented and absolutely unnecessary. As everything else flows from economic health, that is the ultimate judgment of Reagan’s presidency.

      If I erred on your intent regarding Obama, I apologize but with an explanation. I don’t speak for the left, especially in light of my not considering myself a leftist??, but as to your question on ad hominem remarks; attacks based on a persons ethnic background or religion whether they are a politician or not, are worse, and justify irregular comments. Especially when they are made as a result of an orchestrated campaign. As I mentioned, I have recently read and seen a number of attacks against Obama of this nature and I find it completely inappropriate. I find many of the right wing political sites intentionally spread this kind of smear material, and clearly it is intended to appeal to their audience. As the saying goes, sleep with dogs and you will get fleas.

  6. In Toronto, Little South Korea is located around Bloor and Christie Streets. Little North Korea must be located on Yonge Street north of Finch Avenue. It makes logical sense.

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