11.14.2010 08:57 AM

In today’s Sun: Dubya dissected

He had that effect on voting-age citizens, too.

There he is, on Oprah, sort of suggesting he didn’t have the authority to send in the troops after Hurricane Katrina levelled New Orleans in 2005 – while, inexplicably, he had the “authority” to send in the same troops and invade Iraq two years earlier.

Or, there he is on another channel, telling Matt Lauer he has no regrets about permitting terror suspects to be waterboarded – which, the dictionaries remind us, is “a form of torture” wherein drowning is simulated.

“Damn right,” Dubya tells Lauer. He then goes on to say his feelings were “hurt” when Kanye West called him a racist for failing to help the predominantly black population of the aforementioned New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. Got that?

Torture – “damn right,” it’s A-OK. Being called a racist by a musician a lot of people never listen to – that “hurts.”


  1. JStanton says:

    … speak for yourself bud – “effete lefties” indeed!

    I bike, shoot, fish, drink whiskey straight and my girls have big hair, but I don’t go conservative full-redneck because when I became a man I put aside puerility for compassionate wisdom.

    The lefties you refer to, (and I say this with regret because “I like him”), have joined Mr. Layton on the periphery, where they stew in their self-righteousness and bile – much the same as Mr. Harper’s acolytes.

    The real irony is that the leader of the effetes, Mr. Layton, is a HOAG, while the leaders of the Liberals and the Conservatives… well, you know where this is going.

    • Warren says:

      “I bike, shoot, fish, drink whiskey straight and my girls have big hair.”

      My God, I loved that one. You, sir, are welcome to comment here anytime.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Michael is at a crossroads. So far, his GPS is off, to say the least. Can he quickly get back on track or will he play into Harper’s game and reap the unpleasant side effects??? Somewhere, a Canadian Prime Minister is beaming — thinking he has once again bested a Liberal leader. True? Stay tuned and find out.

  2. Michael Behiels says:

    Yes, Bush’s drivel is quite sickening but not surprising. It is all well in character.

    The end always justifies the means.

    Politicians must never admit stupidity.

    Yet, Bush’s replies reek with stupidity.

    The more he opens his mouth the less respect, that is if one can really have any less respect, Americans and other will have for him.

    Historians will have a field day with the Bush senior and Bush junior war mongering.

    • ISee says:

      Love the ‘war mongering’ tripe.

      1. The bombing of Yugoslavia was Canada’s first deliberate non-defensive aggression against another sovereign state.

      2. Canadian forces went to war in Afghanistan.

      Both, compliments of: Jean Chr

  3. eattv says:

    I’ve got to agree with JStanton on this one. My personal rule of thumb is that any Canadian man worth his salt knows how to use a chainsaw. Lining the current lot of leaders up in my head, I can only see Layton comfortably putting a notch in a tree and bringing it down without dropping it on himself or his house.

    • terence says:

      eatty, That is a joke I take it.
      layton would hire a bunch of lefty union members and supervise them. Six would watch and one would work. The worker will be a Liberal.
      And if Layton was directly supervising the tree would be headed for the Electrical wires on the street or some other dangerous spot.

  4. Brammer says:

    “sort of suggesting he didn?t have the authority to send in the troops”

    No fan of Bush and I am not defending the man, however, I believe the US constitution prohibits federal agencies from deploying to a state unless they are requested / invited (a good thing, I think).

    During Katrina, my American friends advised me that the state authorities deliberately delayed these “official” requests as a chance to heap blame on FEMA and Bush.

    Irony alert: The captcha code for this post was FKUW….

  5. Scott Tribe says:

    There was no proof lives were ever saved, Gord – there have been many intelligence officials, both domestic and foreign (ie in Brtain, who publicly came out and disputed this assertion) who say torture doesn’t give you reliable information. It doesnt particualary shock me at all you’d support torture, but it does disgust me.

    As for Bush, he’s ensured that he wont be leaving the North American continent anytime before he dies, as he’s publicly confessed to committing international war crimes.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Unrelated but important: I’m alive today thanks to Jack Kennedy. Imagine where we would all be if the President had listened to the “hawks”, which as I recall, were in the majority at that crucial meeting in the Oval Office.

  7. Namesake says:

    Appreciate the intro. of the acronym & analysis of it as a political archetype, but in retrospect, I’d say W’s more of a 7/11 style Hoagie than a genuine HOAG: you know: full of baloney, and leaves a bitter after-taste; a guilty pleasure, at best.

    Good ‘ol boy charm aside, he wasn’t really much of a man’s man, any more than his father was.

    Didn’t he, like, have to take naps all the time? And think he ever did a hard day’s labour in his life? And there’s that whole draft, er, Chrysler thing. And as some have noted, he may even have a Howie Mandel-like aversion to germs.* As for his ranching and fishing, as Jay Leno joked about his Prairie Chapel Ranch in Texas, “It’s not really a ranch. There’s no cows or horses. It’s more like an estate. But “ranch” sounds better…you know like when you call Iraq a “democracy.” And the bass he fishes out of the _man-made_ lake there were: stocked by him.


    * http://www.atlanticfreepress.com/news/1-Opinion/20-immaculate-conception-a-squirt-in-the-white-house.html

  8. MississaugaPeter says:

    Why is he doiing it? To make way for Jeb or George P. Bush. Although they will first push the gravity-defying rise of Marco Rubio.

    • JStanton says:

      … because he is being paid a shitload of money, and because, despite being a HOAG, he retains sufficiant vanity to care how history judges him.

      In any case, Jeb sure doesn’t need Dubya to get publicity; he has his own gravity well, which, as you correctley point out, is the reason for Mr. Rubio’s ascendancy.

  9. ARC says:

    If I were to waterboard you, I can come close to guaranteeing that I would have you admitting you were responsible for 911 withing two minutes of beginning the process, just to make the torture stop. You’ll of course deny this to be true since neither you nor I will ever have a chance to try the experiment, but that is bravado.

    How effective is torture if you’ll say whatever I want you to say? Torture isn’t used to extract truth. it is used to extract information for propaganda purposes. If you don’t believe me, then I guess those American POWs who admitted to committing war crimes against the North Vietnamese as a result of their torture really were criminals and they should have been executed or be rotting in prison. How about the POWs taken during the first Gulf War who were paraded on Iraqi television confessing to atrocities against the Iraqi people? Those bruises on their faces must mean that the torture worked really well there too, eh?

    If a Canadian or American confesses to crimes under torture administered by Iran, China, North Korea, etc, then I can only assume you’ll accept these confessions as factual.

    What’s good for the goose… you know.

  10. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I don’t know Namesake. George H.W. flew fighter missions. If that isn’t serious “man’s man”, I for one, sure as hell don’t know what is.

  11. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Got to respectfully disagree here. You don’t push an untested first-term senator — in light of what happened the last time a political party tried that! But seriously, Job One on the sentient Republican side is to block dear Sarah as the presidential nominee. And that will take some doing, now that the TEA party is about to be prominent in the House of Representatives. I could be totally off track but the way I see it, that can only be done by a laying upon of hands on a more-or-less reluctant Jeb.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      Marco is the alternative to Sarah as VP. Jeb or George P. are stuff for 2018. Conrad Black, who has incredibly penned quite a few good pieces during/after incarceration, and who is still quite well connected, also noted the Marco ascendency a few days after his victory. BTW the untested first-term senator beat the seasoned multiple-term senator quite handily.

  12. Scott Tribe says:

    Gee Gord.. how are you an expert on the aspects of torture and how it works?

    You and your like-minded ilk are no better then the tyrannical regimes who do the very same thing that is part of why you claim we should be freeing their citizenry and/or bombing them to the stone age.

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