11.26.2010 09:40 AM

Neville Chamberlain in reverse: “war in our time”


“The Liberal leadership has to be nursing a death wish.

Take Bob Rae’s speech this week to the Canadian Club. He ripped into the Tories for “perverting” our foreign policy. This barely a week after Kinky Bob enabled the government to extend the Afghanistan mission until 2014.

When this inconvenient truth was presented to him by skeptical listeners, Kinky Bob huffed and puffed about how we had to listen to diplomats and NATO. No mention of the fact that the people who provide Bob with an office want no part of the mission.

Even former head cheese Stephane Dion can’t stomach Kinky Bob’s shaky logic. Ahead of the parliamentary debate on Afghanistan, Dion ridiculed the notion that training the Afghan army makes sense. Why train them, he said, when these are the same guys who sent the Soviet Red Army packing after nearly 10 years of futile war?”


  1. Kirbycairo says:

    The current Liberal leadership just doesn’t seem to get it; if you agree with the Tories on 90% of legislation then you simply cannot expect to present yourself as an opposition. It is really getting to the point at which if the leadership were being honest they would be talking about a merger of the CP and LPC. Both parties are stagnating in the polls because neither seems to have a real vision for the future.

    So it goes.

  2. Greg says:

    How come the US Ambassador to Canada was a go between the Liberals and Cons in order to broker a deal to keep us in the war? How come me, a citizen of this country, got no say in this through my elected representative via a debate in Parliment? Why does the US Ambassador get more input than the citizens of this country?

  3. eattv says:

    My favourite line from the article:

    “The chill Stephen Harper has put on parliament is still looking for a spine to run up in the Liberal Party”

    Sort of sums up the whole parliamentary experience these days.

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