11.24.2010 03:04 PM

Quote (and possibly spot) of the year – plus highly-scientific poll!

The leader of the Green coalition in Catalonia, Joan Herrera, said that it would be “very difficult to reach orgasm voting for any of the candidates, myself included.”


  1. allegra fortissima says:

    Jose Luis Rodrigues Zapatero, must be you she’s thinking of!

    I wonder how this would work for Jack…

  2. MississaugaPeter says:

    Are you sure that it was not produced my Italy’s Berlusconi? The septuagenarian has a way with …

    It is so wrong on so many fronts but I feel may be effective to GOTYV (i added the Y). If you don’t know what it means, you are a NOT A HACK, and should NOT BE READING THIS BLOG! Or you could find out what it means by helping a good fellow (not Rocco) on Monday – visit TonyGenco.Liberal.ca – by getting out the vote in Vaughan.

  3. Namesake says:

    As Rob Reiner’s mom said when watching Sally get Harry: I’ll have whatever she’s having.

  4. billg says:

    Once you go fiscal conservative you never go back…..

  5. Robert K. says:


  6. MCBellecourt says:


    …wow. Interesting results on the poll, too.

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