11.25.2010 03:09 PM

Rogers post (updated)

I just got helped out by a person named Jazzmine at the Rogers outlet at the Eaton’s Centre.

She was awesome. Don’t lose this person, Rogers.

There. First nice post about Rogers customer service ever.

UPDATE: I posted this too soon.  Get this: I needed a Blackberry to replace the old one.  Simple.  They told me I needed to put a new SIM card in it.  Simple? Not for Rogers! I deal with “customer service” about a half-dozen times – I’m listening to their Muzak as I type this – and the idiots have summarily removed service from my iPhone, the old Berry and the new one.  They’ve even reassigned my phone number somewhere.

You can’t make this up if you tried.  Oh, and I take back everything I said.  Rogers sucks.


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    Steve says:

    You’ve inspired me. I’ve been putting off going into the store to get something done with my iPhone for about a month now — because, though I am a decent, nice, reasonable guy — I HATE them. My blood boils when I speak to Rogers customer service.
    But, thanks to your post, I think I’ll finally go tonight.

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    Brian says:

    Please clone her and forward a copy to all other Rogers offices nationwide.

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    Riley says:

    You haven’t lived in Manitoba and tried to get service from Telus. I switched to Rogers because it’s BETTER than Telus. What does THAT tell you about cellular service in this country?

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      Steve T says:

      Agreed – Telus in Manitoba is a fricking joke.

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    Richard says:

    Perhaps they’ve been infiltrated by your political enemies…

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    wannabeapiper says:

    Bell is just as bad and I think they are all the same. Probably too late now but -try Virgin ( mobile that is!)

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    bigcitylib says:

    Rogers is toying with you. They don’t care if you love them or hate them. Jazzmine was probably a hologram. They go by the same philosophy as Air Canada: We’re not happy until you’re not happy.

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    Student501 says:

    Rogers – Telus – Virgin – Fido – Bell – Verizon – AT&T – Sprint – Koodo – chatr – Orange et al.

    Canada, US, Europe (OMG that’s even worse), Caribbean’s even more of a basket case.

    Sigh…Put them all in a big brown paper bag, shake hard and take the first one that comes out because they’re all the same.

    Be patient & GLTU

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      Iris Mclean says:

      Is that a Tele with a maple fingerboard?

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    Lance says:

    I am with Rogers as well, and I concur: they’re ****ing brutal.

    After about two years in to the last plan, my cell phone before this one crapped out on me, so I went to get it replaced. Of COURSE, they didn’t have this current brand in stock anymore, so they HAD to upgrade to the next most similar model. Good, right? Not exactly.

    Without being informed, my plan was thus renewed for another three years when I got the replacement phone, even when I didn’t sign anything to that effect. I found out about the “renewal” about a year later when I went to cancel my plan because of their garbage service. Now I’m stuck with another two years, because I’ll have to pay a penalty to get out of this “renewed” plan. As time progresses with this plan, the time will come when it will be cheaper to pay the penalty and cancel than to keep going with them with their garbage service. So not only is their service crap, they borderline scam you into staying with them.

    Even if my current phone craps out again, I refuse to replace it, and I will either go without a cell phone for the remainder of my time with them, or go with another company simultaneously during that time if I need one that badly. Never in my life have I encountered such horrible customer service.

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    Rick T. says:

    They all suck when it comes to customer service.

    We are still paying the one if the highest cell phone costs in the world. It will come down but not fast enough. Big country small population.

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    golfrgrl says:

    The worst service ever. Just bought an Ipad. Inquired with Rogers and the best they could do was the share the data plan with my blackberry for $30.00 per month AND extend the contract – even though I wasn’t getting any new hardware from them. Plus other charges of course.
    Checked with Telus. For $20.00 a month – no contract – I get the same amount of data that Rogers wanted me to share with my bb. No set up fee/additional charges. Not sure how it will go but sure willing to give Telus a try.

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    Shaun says:

    They’re turds; I was with them from 2005-2008. But right now, I’m looking forward to some peace. In January, my contract is up with the douches at Bell. I’m not getting a phone (I have a BB right now) for a while; I’ll hold off as long as I can, which may not be long because gadgets are like crack, or worse. I can’t stand dealing with corporations that are really just a bunch of d-bags that don’t give a shit about you as a person, just you as a consuming automaton with some cash in your pocket, much like a crack dealer, I would say, but worse.

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    RogersElise says:

    Hi Warren

    I am Elise from Rogers social media team. I would like to try and help, and reached out to you privately for more information.

    Our team is here to make it easier for customers to make business with us. Customer Care and Tech Support are always the first step to solve an issue and for troubleshooting, but if you need more help, then our team can chime in.

    We try to reach out to customers on blogs, forums and on Twitter where I am @RogersElise and our team’s Twitter account is @RogersHelps.

    So, Warren, I will try and help. Lance, who also posted an issue, please feel free to contact me via Twitter or suggest another way of contacting you so that I can look into it.


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      Shaun says:

      Hi Elise,

      This is how badly you guys need to get a grip: I think Warren was looking for tech support, not a trained public and media relations rep. It’s a nice sentiment that the social media team at a corporation would want to add me as a FB friend or whatever, but why not do what you’re supposed to do and that is to get the phone stuff working?



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    Andrew says:

    I find it hard to believe that your phone number would be given away that quickly. Numbers are generally put into a “hold bin” for period of time. Most likely your number is in a hold que and the person does not have the authorization to release the number.

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    WDM says:

    Poor Jazzmine…

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