12.03.2010 09:51 AM

A columnist who gets it

First time I have seen an analyst analyze it right.  There’s Ford-ism, and anti-Fordism.

“In politics, sweet are the uses of adversaries.

Worse things could have happened to the Liberal government of Premier Dalton McGuinty than the election — and brash taking of office this week — of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Unfolding before the eyes of the city — and province — will be a case study in the politics of certainty, simplicity and culture war.

There will, naturally, be much giddiness among Ford fans over trouncing the vilified “elites” and taking city hall. Vengeance is ours, sayeth the suburbs and the generally ticked-off.

But such indulgent and unlovely emotion tends to be short lived. Reality eventually bites. Soon enough, the less rabid of Fordians — the swing sorts the premier will presently be wooing — might come to see the limits of slogans, ostentatious frugality, polarization.”


  1. bc says:

    Why are Conservatives always displayed as engaging in a “culture war” and “polarizing” by the media?

    It’s one of the most absurd assertions I’ve heard in a long time.

  2. MississaugaPeter says:

    WK, in spite of being perceived a nutcase by many as a Counselor, Ford was re-elected many, many times.

    So was Ralph Klein.

    If I recall, many Liberals felt the kooks in the old Reform Party would embarrass Harper once he gained power. They felt Canadians would be running back to the Liberals in months. Now it is 5 years later.

    My point, Ford may not fail as miserably as some expect (I am sure he has smart folks around him the same way he did during the campaign). Also, if he does not fail miserably, the naysayers will still be remembered next time as the one’s “who called wolf” and thus ignored.

    Also, messengers (The Star) that don’t give a person who was elected fairly a chance to fail or succeed could become the issue or they could easily create empathy for the individual. Trust me, many voters were turned off by the endless media attacks (demonization) of Ford. The net result was voter solidification, not a loss of votes.

    • Sattva says:

      Yep…the attack against Ford by the “Lefties” in Toronto was anticipated and playing out quicker then imagined. The action of some of the Liberals and NDP of Toronto are what the Republicans do in US. It is funny to see how disrespectful they are of the people. Their hypocricy is evident to even a political neophyte. Ford’s opponents appear to be a whiny bunch and weaning them is the compassionate action to do regardless how much they cry for the teat.

  3. Jake Thomas says:

    All that said, Ford will have little impact on the provincial election. The Star has worn that argument since it realized it couldn’t sway public opinion in the election. But what programmed pundits like Coyle don’t realize is voters have already made up their minds that McGuinty can no longer govern and the fear of Harrisites has long since vanished, with the exception of hard cores in the teachers’ unions and of course, the Toronto Star editorial board and its left-wing Atkinson Principles, which of course it doesn’t follow within its own business/profit principles. Time for change Jimmy, but you can keep your job for now as long as you follow the company line.

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