12.01.2010 05:56 PM

Here we go again

I always said the federal campaign would come before the Ontario one (that’s my fervent hope, too).

So, is this the thing that’ll trigger it?

Who knows.  I thought Justin Bieber would never catch on, so what do I know.


  1. james Smith says:

    This would have been a better pic:

  2. Andrew says:

    The Liberals will say that they are voting against the bill, but like many other votes, they will forget to show up to vote.

  3. Iris Mclean says:

    I hope you’re right Warren, but I’m predicting that a terrible flu bug will ground a bunch of Liberal MPs on the day of the second reading.

  4. Steve T says:

    What a stupid stupid thing for them to take a stand on. There are dozens of other issues that could get more traction with voters, but opposing the human trafficking bill? Not what you want to be seen calling an election over.

    Did I mention stupid?

    • Iris Mclean says:

      I agree in that human rights issues haven’t resonated in Canada for quite some time. But not to worry. Iggy’s bluster will once again turn into a whimper after a week or two.

  5. #562 says:

    Warren, I’m a conservative and I like you. But please never invoke Justin Bieber on any of us again. EVER…. my eyes are burning.

  6. terence says:

    You make as much sense as Harper does on this bill. If the separatists vote against it the cons will lose every seat in the province as thye mobilize there around issues like that. The Liberals will frame it as an anti immigration push and drive that home with the ethnic communities.

    On top of that the Liberals are ready to knock off the worst government we have ever seen in this Country.

    Timing is also right becasue the economy is sinking gain thanks to the do nothing tories.

    • The Other Jim says:

      Terence – What planet are you from?

      1) Quebecers, while more progressive than the ROC in many ways, are far less liberal than English Canada in terms of attitudes toward immigration. The Conservatives may well get slaughtered in Quebec (losing all seats seems like a stretch), but it won’t be due to their support of Bill C-49.

      2) The Liberals may, indeed, try to frame this bill as an anti-immigration push, and they do so at their peril. “Ethic communities” in Canada are not comprised of mindless sheep, and many immigrants resent cue jumpers who take advantage of the Canadian system. I suspect that they, like many Canadians, they also abhor the scum traffickers who take advantage of those desperate to come to Canada. A better leader (Chretien) with better advisors (WK) might be able to effectively frame the debate in such terms, but I’ve seen no evidence that Ignatieff or the current OLO staff possess such skills.

      3) You honestly think that the Liberals are “ready to knock off” the Conservatives? How? What possible event in the past two years would lead you to that conclusion? The single by-election win in seven attempts? The steadily mediocre poll results? The pitiful fundraising totals? The deep divisions within caucus (and the party at large) on key issues such as the Afghanistan mission? The Liberals may win the next election (campaigns matter, cough cough), but they would hardly enter any snap election from a position of strength.

      4) Worst government ever? Oh, please. Harper has been a mediocrity as Prime Minister but certainly no worse than Martin before him. He’s been sort of a 21st century Bennett, when you think about it. I can’t think of a single notable accomplishment that’s occurred under their watch, but neither have they mucked anything up too badly. They’ve spent like drunken soldiers since re-election, but I’m certain that a Liberal minority government in 09/10 would have done exactly the same. To suggest that this is the “worst government ever seen in Canada” reeks of profound historical ignorance, extreme partisanship, or both. Like, seriously, worse than Sir Mackenzie Bowell? Come on!

      5) Economy sinking again? What? http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-12-02/loonie-strengthens-for-second-day-on-economic-growth-optimism.html

      Seriously, dude, try to keep up.

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