12.27.2010 08:44 AM

If Timmy Hudak can’t run his own party, how could he ever run Ontario?

“A rare act of open hostility between a federal Conservative MP and his provincial PC cousin is resonating throughout Queen’s Park, prompting astonishment from the sidelines, mild concern within the party and outright glee among Liberal ranks. The outburst came in a letter to a Toronto newspaper penned by Conservative MP Scott Reid… Several Tory MPPs have privately expressed shock over the letter. And one senior Liberal said the party will use Reid’s remarks against Sterling in the October 2011 provincial election. Sterling, an MPP since 1977, played down Reid’s remarks, calling them “silly” and “irrelevant.” He said he’s not worried about the impact the comments will have in the upcoming election.”

What’s it all mean? Well, it means they are Reformatories, for starters. They are two parties within one: Conservatives on one side, rural extremists on the other.

And Timmy Hudak did a secret deal with the latter to win the leadership of the former. Soon enough, he’ll pay a price for that secret deal.

He won’t like the outcome.


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    Paul R Martin says:

    A minor tempest in a teapot Warren. The Ottawa valley is a strange small world unto itself. This feud has no resonance in the 905 and 416 areas. It is not as serious as the infighting in the federal Liberal Party or as serious as the attempt by the federal Liberals to poach Ontario Liberal MPP’s to run federally.

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      PETE says:

      The infighting that happens in the Liberal party is a tried and true methodology. It usually lends itself to winning elections. the tory issue is strongarm right wing ideology vs progressive forces. Deadly stuff.

      Add the Ontario infighting to the alberta Wild Rose intrusions and this could be fun all around. The Libs could have fun with this

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      Jan says:

      Typical Conservative talking point response – we’re fine, everyone else is screwed. You guys always claim to know everything going on inside the Liberal party – are you bugging their offices or what?

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        Paul R Martin says:

        Actually Jan, most of the juicy stuff is leaked by Liberals.

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          Jan says:

          Yes, right, those quote- unquote, nameless Liberals meeting
          with would be Pulitzer Price winning journalists in parking
          garages. God knows a Deep Throat is appreciated. Amazing no names
          have come out by now, isn’t it? Maybe the PPG new rules on not
          reporting viscious rumours will produce some sources.

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    JenS says:

    You have to wonder if this is sort of a natural outgrowth of an attempt to blend to groups that may outwardly seem quite similar, but that, at their core, are diametrically different. Maybe the left is correct not to unite and it’s simply a matter of waiting for the united right to combust.

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    J. Coates says:

    Ahem… If I may coin a saying… you lie down with political dogs, you get political fleas. The meandering of Ontario politics is always amusing and entertaining… from a distance. The real upside is the “Reformatories” are eating their own young.

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    Conservative Peter says:

    You can be sure that a memo from the PMO will be going out to all the members of the Ontario caucus . This is not how a federal member should be acting .

    If Tim Hudak can’t get everybody on the same page that’s his business , federal MP’s shouldn’t be involved in this kind of thing .

    More of this nonsense and for sure we will be looking at either a Liberal majority or worse another Liberal NDP coalition in the province of Ontario .

    Just because the provincal Liberals are way down in the polls doesn’t mean the PC Ontario party should take anything for granted . The Liberals , the teachers unions , the Toronto Star and “families for Ontario” are very good at what they do .

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    Tim says:

    I think what is happening in Ottawa Valley is relevant as when you look the current electoral map Northeast Ontario is really one of the only areas where the PC’s have any type of electoral base. To put it in perspective pre 1995 Harris had more seats in more places in the province than Hudak does today. It also shows there is not a lot of talent among current PC MPP’s that you could picture at the cabinet table. Hudak is basically running on the PC brand name and little else other than being “new” and “different”. I suspect Reid will get chastised by the PMO for his remarks but I do think there is a widely held view among Federal Conservatives that Hudak’s B-Team crew is not up to the same standards as Harper’s Federal A-Team.

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      Paul R Martin says:

      In political terms, pre 1995 is a long time ago. Demographics have changed greatly since then. However, as I will be 65 tomorrow, I will indulge myself and will point out the really good old days that were dominated by Robarts and Davis.

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        Tim says:

        I guess the point I was trying to make is that Harris had
        an easier time winning in 1995. He had a really disliked and
        incompetent government(far more disliked than McGuinty’s) to run
        against that was bleeding support even among its own core
        supporters. Harris also had at least some remenants of the old
        Conservative machine from the Robarts-Davis era. Today none of the
        above really applies, Davis and Robarts are long forgotten and the
        Federal Conservatives are a lot stronger than they were
        historically which causes a competition for resources and
        candidates. While many voters who have never liked McGuinty still
        don’t like him I don’t think his own core supporters are walking
        away in the way that NDP voters dumped the Rae government. I also
        wonder if Harper really wants a Conservative government at Queen’s
        Park. Historically Ontario doesn’t elect provincial and federal
        governments of the same party for any length of time and I think
        Harper wants to build up a long term Federal Conservative presence
        in Ontario so I am not sure how a Hudak govt would fit in those
        plans. On another note the fighting that has been going in the
        Ontario PC’s over last decade reminds a lot of what the Federal
        PC’s used to do back in the days of Stanfeld and Clark. Constant
        bickering between caucus members, constant fighting over leadership
        etc. The lesson I take away from that era is that as low as
        Trudeau’s approval ratings would fall the PC’s could almost never

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        Shaun says:

        The Ontario PC of today has nothing in common with Robarts and Davis in the same way that the federal CPC has nothing in common with Joe Clark.

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      Conservative Peter says:

      The political landscape today is a direct result of two PC leaders who tried to win by being “Liberal lite” . When Ernie Eves said ” I’m not sure I could have done what Mike Harris did” he made it difficult for people like me to knock on doors .

      John Tory made the promise of having a private school tax credit and then ran from it .

      At the time Ontario was still a “have” province and money was going from Ontario to Quebec to pay for the most generous private school tax subsidy in Canada .At the time one year , of private high school was $14000 , the province of Quebec paid half with money from Ont. .

      Now that we are a have not province I don’t feel so bad .

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      Skinny Dipper says:

      Harper has a team?

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    Mr. Chamberlain says:

    I don’t think the union of Progressive Conservatives and Reformers is sustainable over the long run federally. Perhaps fractures in the provincial associations will precipitate fallout federally. The question is if the Tories will get their act together to form a party before or after first supporting a better Liberal platform.

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