12.06.2010 04:48 PM

It’s almost 5:00

I may have an interesting announcement to make on CBC’s Power and Politics tonight.


  1. Dave Roberts says:

    You’ve been appointed to the Senate. Congratulations!

  2. 1. You’re running for leader of the the BC Liberals.
    2. You’re running for leader of the BC NDP.
    3. There is a WikiLeak about you.
    4. You agreed to buy Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment.
    5. You’re stuck in snowy Barrie.

  3. hugger says:

    You found a predator drone with the name Ezra on it?

  4. Winston Higgs says:

    1. You are going to run Tim Powers’ campaign to become El Presidente dos Rock.
    2. You have purchased Darcy McGee’s and are transforming it into CBGBs North.
    3. Ringo was, in fact, the walrus.
    4. COD Black Ops is the most AWESOME game ever!

    All of the above are plausible if you believe in the Multiverse Theory or if you have mild substance abuse issues.

  5. Namesake says:

    Holy bait & switch, Warroom Man! It was just a piece on the Wiki-leaks, making this the opposite: a WK-plug!

  6. James Curran says:

    Watched it. Didn’t get any startling news out of it. Did you mean to say Christy Clark is in?

  7. Iris Mclean says:

    Watched the whole show on line, but somehow missed the announcement.

    • Warren says:

      Didn’t get an opening. That’s TV for you.

      Let’s just put it this way: Mr. Assange is not the only guy digging where he shouldn’t be digging.

      I had a real-life story to tell. One very close to home.

      I’ll wait. Apologies to all who were disappointed!

  8. Paul R Martin says:

    1) You are preparing a takeover bid for the CBC.
    2) You plan a class action suit against Bob Rae.
    3) You are defecting to the Bloc.
    4) You are heading secret negotiations re the merger of the Liberals and the Green Party.
    5) You think that the Leafs will win the Stanley Cup sometime in the next 50 years.

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