12.24.2010 12:14 PM

On rumour’s tongues, continual slanders ride

This is very sad and unnecessary. But it’s also unstoppable, in my experience.

To see what I mean, plug in “Warren Kinsella” into a Google search, and read what comes up as recommended search terms two, three and five.

In our case, it happens to be true.  In our case, in fact, political enemies of mine – Conservatives and Liberals – have circulated copies of the pleadings to two newspapers, three hate bloggers and each other.  I know who did it, and I’ll be dealing with all of them soon enough.

But in respect of any family, here’s free advice: don’t be a complete lowlife and scumbag.  Leave them alone.

(And I can’t believe this crap is happening at Christmas, either.  But it is.)

UPDATE: The Globe has removed the posting it had up this morning.


  1. Kasey says:

    I think he did it as he knows his nibs is not well thought
    of….to get people to give gim another chance…because he does
    not dare prorogue.

    • Cow says:

      Really? Ottawa is so dead, so devoid of policy or inspiration or meaning on both sides of the aisle, that the government rises or falls based on one man’s marital status? *Really*?

      How sad the lives of the people who are so obsessed with this story must be.

  2. Kasey says:

    sorry him another chance.

  3. Wannabeapiper says:

    I am sorry dude, but the only appropriate response I can think of, especially this time of year is, what a bunch of fucking assholes!

  4. Cow says:

    I like Susan Delacourt’s post on the whole thing. It’s just sad, really; both in political and in celebrity reporting, unsupported rumours from anonymous sources are all we get now.

    Spector’s post was awful, yes. But what bothers me about this still is: if what Delacourt is saying is true, and I have no reason to believe it isn’t, media outlets across the country have spent three years chasing a rumour in the hopes of it being true…and even if it was true, it *wouldn’t matter*. Is Harper a better or worse PM based on his family status? No.

    Leave the families alone. Life is hard enough in that world.

    I’m sorry it’s happening to you, as well.

    Best wishes in the holiday season.

  5. Loraine Lamontagne says:

    Indeed. Leave the families alone. Like Pierre and Margaret’s.

  6. Namesake says:

    Sorry this has flared up for you again at this time.
    Suggest that you, too, shut off comments for this thread and turn
    off the computer for the next 48 hours, and spend it calling your
    loved ones on the phone and, hopefully, spending it with your kids.
    Merry Christmas to you and every one.

  7. Paul R Martin says:

    I agree 100% with you Warren. There is no place for this krap in politics.

    Best wishes to you and the family this season.

  8. J. Coates says:

    Carlton, Canada’s premier journalism school? Not bloody likely.
    Try Mount Royal University in Calgary. The faculty actually expect students to work hard for their degree.
    Alan Fotheringham wrote a great column on what a journalist should have, I wish I could find it.

  9. Lipman says:


    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    All the best,

  10. jStanton says:

    While Mr. Harper and so many of us share the regrettable experience of a broken relationship, let’s not conflate the nature of these experiences and suggest that they should all be treated the same way. Particularly not Mr. Harper’s.

    Most importantly, Mr. Harper is Prime Minister, and it is in the public’s interest to know that there has been a significant change in his life, to the extent that : it effects his behavior negatively, he continues the deceit of fabricating a non-existent stability, and he continues to cynically use his “conventional family” as props to elicit support from a particular constituency. Significantly, this change also makes fluorescent the appalling behavior for which he is well known – the tantrums, the foul-mouthed invective, the cruelty. If he now cannot even be reasoned with in the home, what possible hope do his caucus and parliamentary colleagues have?

    The suggestion by some media personalities that these issues are somehow out-of-bounds is an appalling demonstration of what’s wrong with Canadian journalism. There is evidently too little back-bone or professionalism to investigate the right story and to then tell it in the right way. It appears that journalists now wait patiently to be told what the story is, and they then write it as a sensationalist tabloid scandal.

    What we have here, apparently, is a conspiracy between the MSM and the Conservative PR machine to continue to mislead the Canadian public with respect to the Prime Minister’s behavior.

    Don’t misunderstand me though – I’m not so callous that I don’t empathize with Mr. Harper, the man. But I empathize more with those whose lives have been destroyed by his financial mismanagement, I empathize more with this country, that continues to be harmed by his continual inaction on files that needed critical attention as far back as his swearing-in, and with Canada’s friends abroad, that have been devastated by his re-shaping of foreign policy to fit a world view long discredited by academia.

    To suggest that this issue is merely about his right to personal privacy, is, frankly, quite infantile. There are much, much more important issues at stake in this story.

  11. James Pratt says:

    Retrouvaille is a lay ministry of the Catholic church for couples whose marriage is broken or breaking down. For many; it is that one last shot. It saved our marriage 18 years ago. That’s why my wife and many many other volunteers take part in this ministry so as pay forward our gratitude. We keep the identity of those taking the program confidential. There will be a session starting in a few weeks. Details should be on the website. If you need more information you can ask me through my email address. This program is not well known since it really doesn’t have an advertising budget. But it has given life and energy to many dying marriages.

  12. Kephalos says:

    I can’t believe you’re so naive. ‘It’ happened at Christmas because the PMO boys decided that the day before “Christmas” would be the best time to let the half the cat outta the bag.

    As for the Globe retracting a mistake? Ha! that little ruse took two weeks of planning. (The Globe editors aren’t as swift as they used to be.)

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