12.13.2010 08:56 AM

She was quiet, but she listened loud

My God, what a beautifully-written story this is, about something so extraordinarily sad.

Say a prayer for this man and his daughter.


  1. Carlene says:

    My prayers go to the family. “She listened loud.” I feel that people don’t listen a lot any more. People hardly allow you to speak before they are interjecting with a comment or their own thoughts.

    The old saying, “you have two ears and one mouth”, so you should listen more”, is true.


  2. Mark Watson says:

    My thoughts go out to this man and his family on the loss of a beautiful spirit. My 20 year old daughter was murdered 4 years ago, and our family has never been able to answer the question that first comes to mind – Why?

    I pray that he is able to find some resolution and peace within his heart, and the strength to carry on with life instead of letting this bring all good things to an end for them. The best memorial that his daughter deserves is for her family to carry through and enjoy a brilliant future in her memory.

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