12.16.2010 10:19 AM

Operation Alienation continues apace

Someone in the offices at 131 Queen Street seems to think it’s good strategy, I guess, to keep blaming the very popular former Liberal MP – you know, the guy who is now the very popular mayor, and who also won the riding for more than twenty years with huge pluralities – for the Vaughan by-election loss.  When the authors of that particular misfortune are to be seen, as they say, in the bathroom mirror.

It’s not accurate, it’s not fair to Maurizio, and it’s short-sighted.  But what do I know?


  1. Paul R Martin says:

    I remember hearing a prominent Conservative (a future Lieutenant Governor) once say “I do not belong to an organized political party. I am a Progressive Conservative”. It appears that the above phrase now belongs to the federal Liberals.

  2. Jesse says:

    WK: You don’t think it’s odd that there were only 80 members, if true?

    • Warren says:

      Well, I think that’s more than just an individual MP’s fault, isn’t it?

      • Peter says:

        Even if the LPC has dropped down to 50 000 paid up members 80 is half the 308 riding average of about 160 . When you consider that over 100 ridings have been completely forsaken and that Vaughan is in Urban Canada with 100 000 voters it looks a little willful.

        I think what you are upset at is that somebody would state this publicly .

        • Warren says:

          Hete, Pete, I do this for free. I don’t do it to be psychoanalyzed by total strangers.


          • Conbot Pete says:

            “I think what you are upset at is that somebody would state this publicly” Yes you are are right I shouldn’t spin your words . You’re not spinning mine .

            I got a little carried away with that one .

            You have to realize Liberal infighting gets me a little excited .

          • Warren says:

            Don’t get excited. Get even.

          • The Doctor says:

            BTW kudos for the “Conbot Pete” monicker. That’s funny.

          • Conservative Peter says:

            “BTW kudos for the “Conbot Pete” monicker. That’s funny.”

            Yes its good to have a sense of humor about this stuff . I notice that when a couple of us Conservatives chime in on these stories the threads are a lot longer .

            I mean without us what have you guys got here ? A bunch of Liberals talking about how badly your party blows . We’re here to remind you guys who your real advesaries are .

            But I think I’ll go with Conservative Peter so that Miss. Peter doesn’t get confused for me again .

  3. Peter says:

    Oh come on $1000 ? Where was that ? Red Deer ?lol . I mean I know things are bad on the ground for the LPC in most parts of Canada but we’re talking about a Liberal stronghold in the GTA with over 100 000 voters .

    So I’m guessing Bevilacqua is a member of the Chrietian camp in the endless Liberal civil war ?
    I know from friends who are Liberals that the Chrietian people freely admit to sitting on their hands back in the 80’s for Turner and for Martin in his two elections .

    As a member of the CPC I’m thankful for the Liberal civil war . Its what got us into power back in 06 . Keep up the good work .

    • The infighting exists in all camps. Diefenbaker camp vs Stanfield helped give PET his 1968 majority. Lewis making parliament work in 72 helped give PET his 74 comeback.

      • Conservative Peter says:

        You know except for the dust up over the Brian Mulrony membership thing we’ve ( the Conservative party ) been pretty united with very little bickering . At least in public .

        I guess getting into power after a 13 yr walk in the widerness will do that . My guess is that as fortunes fall or as the memory of having to pass the kfc bucket to pay for the hall fades , some of the old divisions in our party may resurface .

        • The Doctor says:

          And don’t forget how much financial considerations played into the drive to (re)unite the PCs and Reform/Alliance. Primarily on the PC side. The old PC party was in serious trouble financially, especially in terms of having moribund riding associations in BC, Alberta, etc. Reform had completely eaten their lunch there, and a lot of PC riding associations in BC in Alberta in the 1990s were like Potemkin village riding associations. Legally they existed, but there were next to no members, no money, and the “office” was often somebody’s basement, if that.

  4. Warren,

    I refer to it as muscle cramps. An organization ignore the signs at their own peril. Does the leadership promote a culture than encourages win back the lost support? Long game vs short game.

    The MSM repeat the NDP, Bloc, LPOC talking points about the tight communication “short leash” “muzzle” of the CPC caucus as a result of being over zealous in control. Do you think Jean Chretien’s leadership was more tolerant than the current PM?

    I suspect many so-con liberals are uncomfortable with the direction of the LPOC. The hammer, rewards are not available for M.I. Maternal Health and Immigration flip flop might be just the last straw for
    M.B. had an opportunity to exit for a new job in public service and the residents of Vaughan gave him a significant majority. I suspect the financial status of low regular donors in the riding associations is much wider than being reported.

    MB joined the PM in Italy G8, meeting with the pope Earthquake relief and the CPC is very active in the Italian community. It makes sense as more 416-905 ridings open up Jason Kenney reaching out is paying dividends.

    Have a Merry Christmas and Best wishes next year.

  5. James Curran says:

    Isn’t Vaughan one of those ridings in Jason Cherniak’s domain in Central Ontario? Well, he doesn’t believe membership in the party matters anyway. So what is anyone in the party complaining about if the Regional President say membership matters?

  6. James Curran says:

    Isn?t Vaughan one of those ridings in Jason Cherniak?s domain in Central Ontario? Well, he doesn?t believe membership in the party matters anyway. So what is anyone in the party complaining about if the Regional President says membership doesn’t matter?

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