12.10.2010 03:04 PM

Team Timmy end-of-session round-up

…basically, they just suck.

Have a nice break, fellas.

(Because you are all, um, fellas.)


  1. Paul R Martin says:

    Very interesting. Of course none of your sources was totally unbiased. By the way, what songs will the Premier be singing at the Ontario Liberal Christmas party? May I suggest that he try “Born to Be Wild”. That would be an image changer.

    • JenS says:

      No source anywhere is totally unbiased. “Fair” is a much more realistic expectation. The idea of a source being “unbiased” is either a myth or a misuse of the term. And while there may be some editorializing going on in terms of how the information is presented, you can draw your own conclusions from the facts presented.

  2. MJH says:

    I agree; the Liberal party really does suck. Good on you Warren!!

  3. Sattva says:

    What the Liberals or left in Ontario think of Hudak and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party is not really relevant. What matters is what the voters think and if recent polls are any indication, Hudak and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party are thought of as a better option than the current Ontario Liberal government.

  4. Paul R Martin says:

    I find it interesting that there are very few comments whenever Warren writes about Ontario politics. Does this mean that very few in his audience cares about Ontario politics, or is it a possible indication that minds are made up?

    • Herta says:

      Hey Paul,
      re: Ontario politics

      I can only speak for myself, however, the upcoming provincial election leaves me in a cold sweat – either a bumbling Mr. Fix It for the Libs or Hudak and his Harris cronies. Neither look appealing. Maybe I will actually have to vote NDP even if it is throwing my vote away.

  5. j. coates says:

    What’s an Ontario?

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