12.09.2010 09:18 AM

The view in Cancun

While John Baird attempts to convince us that his government cares about climate change at the U.N. Enviro Framework summit (they don’t, and we won’t be convinced), Greenpeace – who are, in my view, the undisputed masters of image PR – has done it again. ¬†You can like or dislike Greenpeace, but my Lord they are brilliant communicators.


  1. LMA says:

    Yes, they are an impressive group with amazing public support. Their relentless campaigns are targeted right where they can do the most damage, large corporations, and they are making a difference.

  2. MJH says:

    They are so often exaggerated in their criticism (see the Statue of Liberty) that they lose all credibility. Their “the sky is falling” rhetoric gets very tiring and eventually very ineffective!!

  3. j. coates says:

    There is no such thing as anthropogenic climate change. Anyone who says otherwise is on a tax and spend grab. The climate has been warming for about 10000 years. It’s called an “inter-glacial.”

    What a bunch of idiots.

  4. LMA says:

    Yes, we could be at the end of an interglacial period, but some scientists are saying that we may enter a “super interglacial” period because of all the CO2 in the atmosphere. Even if AGW is discounted, we are polluting our air and water, deforestation continues, and biodiversity is declining, e.g. the coral reef bleaching.

    Greenpeace is a voice for the people when the people’s voice desperately needs to be heard. As for being ineffective, I would say a Boreal Forest Agreement with logging companies, the removal of Redlist fish species from some supermarkets, and the delivery of one million signatures against GM foods to the European Commission is pretty darned effective.

  5. LMA says:

    I forgot to mention Greenpeace’s campaign against deforestation for palm oil production, and Unilever’s recent announcement that they will be using sustainable palm oil only in their products by 2015.

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