01.11.2011 09:56 AM

Happy birthday, J.C.!

In honour of his 77th, we have commissioned a highly-scientific poll! Vote now, vote often!


  1. michael hale says:

    Appoint him to the senate. Watch how quickly that tainted house gets cleaned up.

  2. WesternGrit says:

    Wow! This poll’s “so scientific” it has a margin of error smaller than your typical NeoCon’s IQ!

  3. J. Coates says:

    This brings back my fave memory of JC. Running into him two years running at the Calgary Stampede. He was wearing faded jeans, battered k-boy boots and a matching nonwhite hat. He remembered my first name. He had no obvious security and even though he was in neo-con country he was utterly at ease and visibly popular.

  4. Bill King says:

    I picked best liberal leader ever – no question he would be marginally better than Iggy, Dion, Martin, Joe Clark…


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