01.25.2011 06:35 AM

In today’s Sun: A-Twitter about, well, you know

Rosie Barton at the pearly gates.

“It’s the new telephone … an online party line.” “A mental pollution disseminator.” “The crack cocaine of social media.” “Quicker misinformation.”


  1. Brad says:

    I think it’s a great way to put your foot in your mouth but like anything on the internet it’s forgotten in 5 minutes. Also, anyone who is taking the time to follow politicians is someone who is interested and therefore probably already a commited Liberal, PC or NDP. Much like your your site, I don’t see people posting, “I came here because I am an undecided voter and I am looking for direction”.

  2. Dave says:

    The real meaning of twitter is a civilization changing effect, and I will now tell you what that change is. Twitter’s 140 character limit means that everyone,includin

  3. Leon Brule says:

    Ford’s campaign use of twitter was practically non-existant when compared to the other campaigns, particularly Smithermans. With respect to the use of the “Karen” account, it is argued, particulary in the Abrahamic faiths, the use of trickery against a dishonest person is NOT unethical. So, the use Karen to reel in a dishonest person was not unethical.
    With respect to twitter being a dominant factor in the upcoming elections in 2011, if Ford’s election is any indication, what is twitted won’t matter much. I highly doubt most voters use or are influenced by twitter.

    • Craig Chamberlain says:

      “the use of trickery against a dishonest person is NOT unethical.”

      Two wrongs do not make a right.

      • Namesake says:

        plus, from what I remember about the story, the person they were deceiving WASN’T dishonest: they just portrayed him as having a dangerous & disreputable character in order to get in front of the story that involved a recording of Ford musing aloud about getting Oxycontin off the street for him. So Leon Brule’s just added an insult to a deception, in submitting that the latter may have been justifiable in this case based on what may well be a highly questionable reading of a religion that there’s no evidence that Ford subscribes to or that his electorate would want him to be governing on the basis of.

  4. Kevin says:

    “…context can disappear”. Exactly. And that’s scary.

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