01.05.2011 03:22 PM

Kory story

If it’s true – and I don’t know if it is – it’s great news. He’s the guy who brought me in to the Sun Media operation, so I’m biased, but we’ve been friends for a long time.  He’s tragically misguided, politically, but I rather suspect he says the same thing about me.  The fact that he drives some in the PPG bananas is a bonus.

Good news, if it’s true.


  1. The Doctor says:

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out with
    Avaaz.org, rabble.ca, Atwood et al., now that SunTV’s license is to
    be purely an ordinary broadcast license, not a “must carry”
    license. Atwood claimed, e.g., that her only objection to SunTV was
    the fact that it was applying for must-carry status. Assuming she’s
    not a hypocrite and wasn’t lying, then presumably she should have
    no objection to them having an ordinary broadcast license. After
    all, as an esteemed author, she surely must value free speech and
    diversity of opinion on our airwaves, no?

    • Namesake says:

      Well, let’s see. The CP announced that the CRTC granted SunTV on Nov. 26.

      And if you really found it so interesting what she thinks of that, you might’ve thought to look on her Twitter page, http://twitter.com/MargaretAtwood
      which is where she first mentioned / what set off that whole Avaaz petition kerfuffle.

      I’ve done that for you: nada on CRTC or QMI, going back to Nov. 21, and the only ref to the Sun was an approving one to a Michael Harris editorial (which objected to shooting the Wikileaks’ messenger).

      Similarly, nothing on her blog http://marg09.wordpress.com/ since her defense of her position back in September.

      Still want to play the constantly overplayed hypocrisy card?

      • The Doctor says:

        I don’t think you understood my post. I was talking about her position back in September. Nothing more than that.

        • Namesake says:

          Huh? I don’t think you understood mine, so I’ll allcap it for you:

          you sneered, “Assuming she?s not a hypocrite and wasn?t lying, then presumably she should have no objection to them having an ordinary broadcast license.”

          And I pointed out: Well, the news of their getting an ordinary broadcast license has been out for over a month, now, and MS. ATWOOD HAS MADE NO OBJECTION to that, since.

  2. Namesake says:

    The (Cheshire) Cat Came Back…

  3. smelter rat says:

    Dr. what has this story got to do with Margaret Atwood? Apparently you are just another channel changer. Thanks for playing.

    • The Doctor says:

      Yeah, how silly of me. It’s not like Margaret Atwood has ever expressed an opinion on SunTV or anything like that . . .

  4. Kirbycairo says:

    I am afraid that he is not just misguided politically. He LIBEL ALERT. The fact that you can say that he is your friend and that he is just “misguided” politically suggests that you either lack the ability to understand the implications of personal behaivor in politics or that you share some of these traits. Since you do not seem to be mean-spirited or lack honor, it appears that you similarly do not understand that someone who LIBEL ALERT. I say this with respect, because I think you have demonstrated a real concern for actual people and you appear to have real political principles. But in Tory’s case, people who behave badly are bad people, it is as simple as that. It is not just a political “game” wherein your behaivor is justified by your victory in the game.

  5. Tiger says:

    Poor Don Newman!

  6. Namesake says:

    More of that careful attention to detail you’re known for, eh, Gord? The very article you quote from also states, “Sun TV is now set to launch in mid-March.”

    • Namesake says:

      um, no, but I didn’t say he wasn’t on the left — just that, as a widely pulblished author, he has a damnsite more credibility than you.

  7. jStanton says:

    … just to be clear Gord, the “centre right” is the space that used to be occupied by the Progressive Conservative Party and its supporters, all currently in hiatus. Its been well-served for generations by the current uninspiring networks ? CTV, CBC, and Shaw(Global).

    There would be no point in the Sun TV channel regurgitating the same pap. No, the money is in performance TV ? faux news, with no boring background material or facts. Just senseless opinions by rude and often ignorant talking-heads, about issues they are seldom qualified to speak on, targeted to the bigoted, mean-spirited and not very bright. The more Sun TV reflects the emotional and intellectual disabilities of an audience that finds differing viewpoints far too challenging, the more money Mr. Peladeau will make.

    And Sun TV will always be about the money; politics would just get in the way of that. Which is not to ignore the right-wing slant of Sun?s content, just to characterize the slant as being a business rather than a political decision.

    It?s going to be lively, that?s for sure.

  8. Eric says:

    I feel bad that our WK couldn’t even get the credit he deserves because of the reactionary-slant of the Globe and Mail when they point out that Sun TV will “feature such personalities as right-wing provocateur Ezra Levant. “

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